balance or feral pvp


which one deals more damage? more survivability?
i appreciate the post please help : /
90 Night Elf Druid
Balance deals more damage while free-casting, but in a realistic pvp situation, feral is probably stronger (no one lets a moonkin freecast)

Feral is more mobile, it's damage is harder to shut down; it has more consistant, reliable tools such as short-cooldown interrupts, snares, and access to instant cc/heals though the use of finishers
86 Orc Warrior
I'm leaning towards feral because they do not go OOM for starting this season.

Earlier seasons are hard for casters that go oom in my opinion.

However balance got some very nice tools with Wild Mushroom/Fungal Growth, and Solar Beam.

Also there is some dependence on what type of PVP you're doing, I've never heard of anyone wanting a feral for 5v5, maybe that has changed, I don't know.

IMO in larger groups casters become better with focused fire and rushing in as a melee becomes more dangerous.
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Definitely feral as i play mainly kitty dps in pvp i can say personally i can 1V1 almost any other class and successfully kill them and our Bleeds are extremely good coming into cataclysm bear form is so useful when you're looking for a last stand kind of thing where you need to finish someone off but his buddies are around unspecced bear is a good utility
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Periods. Use them.

Mana matters a lot in arena, and dispellable innervate will hurt them I think.
My guess is they moonkins > ferals in rated bgs but ferals > moonkin in duels / 2v2,3v3 arena.
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ferals in a good place right now (boomkins are a lot better than they used to be but Ive heard some here and there complaints).

From a person who doesnt play a druid Id say ferals seem to be stronger.

85 Dwarf Paladin
12/08/2010 12:58 PMPosted by Roghtar
Feral is better in smaller scale, because their control matters more.
Balance is great in larger scale, as are most casters.

I think Feral has the better potential. It is much harder to master, but rewarding if you can. Balance, while no walk in the park, is alot easier to play, but at the top level will not yield the results.

There you have it.

Disorganised Battlegrounds: Balance.
Arena: Feral
Rated battlegrounds: Either, though I would lean towards Feral. If you have a solid team, Feral has more potential to shine. Balance will hit it's ceiling earlier.

well put, and I'd agree with most of this.
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