Wednesday (12/8) Day 2

100 Dwarf Death Knight
Damn, almost got to 84 last night. I'm just 5 bars off... WHY IS OUR SERVER DOWN RIGHT NOW!? Damn you rolling restarts!

It's Wednesday, December 8th, 2010.

[IG] OMG LEVELING! The new zones are AWESOME! Didn't due Vash'jir cause of my Video Game Aquaphobia (I blame Super Mario 64), but I'll try to go there later cause I want that seahorse mount. But Hyjal and Deepholm are awesome! And Uldum has several cutscenes. It's friggin awesome!

[RL] The only reason I would get up yesterday was to do chores and go to class. Other than that, my butt was glued to my chair with my laptop in my lap. Though I wouldn't want to go outside right now; IT'S BLOODY COLD! It's freezing and there's wind. Worst. Combo. Ever. And it didn't help my throat either; still recovering from a cold and I swear the cold wind really irritated my recovering throat.


How are y'all doin' today?
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
I just hit 84 right before the server reset. Going to push 85 today. It seems we've been to the same zones, Og... I am disappointed in not having seen you yet.

Edit: I found you, Og, but you ran away. :(
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90 Goblin Shaman
[IG] hope to get some work on Zivvix done. also? archaeology makes me happy in my pants.

[RL] my nose is stuffy and i'm sneezing every five minutes. ;__;
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80 Blood Elf Hunter
0 Where am I?

Oh, hi Sentinels. You guys are looking pretty good on this fine....morning?


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85 Human Warlock
12/08/2010 5:14 AMPosted by Ogumel
[IG] OMG LEVELING! The new zones are AWESOME! Didn't due Vash'jir cause of my Video Game Aquaphobia (I blame Super Mario 64)
See now, I have the same problem, but Vashj'ir doesn't feel like you're under water, so it's no really scary. Forget swimming across lake Hylia though!
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85 Goblin Priest
<-- Kahna-priest.

[IG] brb, race changing every character ever into a Goblin (and having them not show up properly on the forums). Actually, I'm not making much progress at anything because I have to keep switching to my miner or herbalist to run around Hyjal for a bit so I can level this chick's professions. Big mistake dropping herbalism for engineering but... Nitro boosts!

Speaking of Hyjal, I'm not gonna lie - I really enjoyed chucking bear cubs out of trees. wtb repeatable quest.

[RL] I totally started learning the Single Ladies dance so I could get some exercise during leveling/farming breaks ;P Should I have admitted this on the forums?
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Hmmm leveling in Vashj'ir got halfway to 82 ( Soo many campers) an I like the quests, tried Hyjal on my hunter who proceeded to go Splat in Blackrock, the quest never metioned group. Today it will be getting the hunter caught up to the wifes priest, so that I can zoooooom away an get 85 on this toon. So far I am pretty impressed with what blizz has done with this X-Pac

Morning ya'll

* Leaves coffee, sugar, milk, and Gingerbread cookies*
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100 Night Elf Druid
The hotfix reports are sometimes funny:

It is no longer possible for an ill-mannered person of the opposing faction to one-shot a flight trainer in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, which in turn made the 500 players standing on top of the flight trainer with their mammoths really sad.
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86 Night Elf Priest
12/08/2010 7:48 AMPosted by Silversol
The hotfix reports are sometimes funny:

It is no longer possible for an ill-mannered person of the opposing faction to one-shot a flight trainer in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, which in turn made the 500 players standing on top of the flight trainer with their mammoths really sad.

It makes me laugh and sad at the same time. Laugh at how Blizzard's reps word things. Sad that there are enough such "ill-mannered" players who have more fun in the game trying to make other players angry or miserable than explore and quest themselves.

<-- Still only 80. Not going to race change or faction change anyone. Yeah, I'm a weirdo, I know. Vashj'r has been fun so far though, other than insta-respawns in the same spot. No, I did not want to fight 8 Giblins in a row. I wanted to get to the last chest right behind me.

>_< Sent my drood to Mount Hyjal newly spec'd boomkin and trying to even figure out quests. After five deaths ... yeah ... no. He's either going to get a companion or he's going to do old world quests until he learns how to kill and not die.

Made my goblin warrior, but didn't actually play long enough - only got to level 6 and being shipwrecked. Ooooh, nummy cut-scene even if it made the Alliance captain sound like a script-reading idiot.

Then made a worgen hunter to do quests with my best friend until his net cut out on him. Ditched Ugly (the default mutt) as early as possible and tamed Ambrosia (foxy fox). Liked that cut-scene too. >_> In the Beta it simply jumped from the church to the stocks with a black screen.

Good morning Sentinels!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Well... Let's see. Mine will go a little farther back than today. I work up at 5.30 AM on Monday for work. And *intended* on napping when I got home. But that didn't happen. The last 5 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist happened instead (and I'm still trying to organize my feelings about the finale).
Did some RP a little before launch, which was good. Trying to get things in the guild, RPically, stable again.
Cata hit. Woo hoo. What was supposed to be a 2 person group for leveling multiplied to a 4 person group. Was fun because I was with guildies I haven't talked to in about 6 months. Bad because it slowed us WAAAAAAY down. About pissed myself as we entered Hyjal and Rag and Deathwing popped up. I screamed, in real life. Like a little girl. -.-
Hyjal was fun. We skipped Vashj'ir (but plan on going back and doing it later). Went to Deepholm and I got owned by that damned mechanical work thingy in the cave. A lot. And now we're in Uldum, at 60% through 83.
And mind you, I stayed up until almost 11 last night. I was awake for 41 hours. -sigh- I went to bed last night, put my blindfold over my eyes, and was out within 3 minutes. Literally. Sleep was so great. But I think we're gonna do it again tonight so we can hit 85 tomorrow.
I really didn't think we were going to like Cataclysm. I really didn't. But we're here. And we're liking it. It's just.... very different... I can't wait to see how raiding is.
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85 Human Warlock
IG: The quest to go to Vashj'ir came up first, and that's where Rav went. (Although I think she would've gone to Hyjal first instead, and Tanria would've gone to Vashj'ir. Oh well. >>) But oh man it's been a lot of fun down there. I love the zone design and some of the quests and quest-lines have been pretty awesome. I also love the cut-scenes that they've added in with some of the quests.

The only thing I didn't like? That sunken Horde ship surrounded by SNAAAAAAAAKES. (Well, giant sea serpents.) I know it's just a video game and all that, but holy god. So many giant, snake-like things... I froze in terror and almost didn't do the quests around that area. ><

Rav did make it to 82 though. Also I'm pretty sure I've killed about a 1000 critters thus far.

Also did a short RP scene while swimming around in Vashj'ir. It's amusing to me that Rav will just go along with a Scheen scheme, even if it sounds like a bad idea.

IRL: Working on a commercial which I think will be due at the end of the week. Not that I mind projects with short turnarounds. I think I actually prefer working on these short projects compared to those that take several months.

Good morning Sents!
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85 Human Priest
IG: Got to 85 at about 7AM.

RL: Slept after I got to 85 till about 5 minutes ago.
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86 Night Elf Priest
So, for those who don't really look at the stickies:

Goblin and Worgen categories have been added. (As has a category of "Mixed Race or Other" who prefer to identify as such.)

Ravine brought over most or all of the character pages from the old wikia, but many are out-of-date. I brought over guild pages and did some category cleanup.

So get in there, register, update or add your characters. Have at. =3
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85 Human Warlock
[IG] I'm sad that Pere is not a troll anymore. Know that feeling when you get home to find your husband or wife got a sex change without telling you first? That's how I feel right now. Q_Q
On the plus side, I got a new haircut! I look like a princess! I expect the change to appear on the forums tomorrow (especially since I'm not displaying my new ugly helmet), at which point I'll need opinions: keep this hair color (pretty for sure), or go blond? (Which is quite pretty also with that hair cut).

[RL] Yeah, no. That doesn't exist right now.
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