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Id like to start this thread off by saying, this isn't a whine thread as much as a question thread, Since Ive had next to nothing to do on my toons for nearly a year, Ive dived fully into leveling alt, which i was never really into before, Id have one or two max toons and maybe a twink, but in my 6+ years of wow i would not be what you call a "alt" person.

That being said, I have crossed over to the dark side, as an older gamer i understand there are always going to be balance issues and certain things will be a little OP or UP, nothing new.As someone who has been a Gladiator/Arena Master/PvE'er and owned multiple accounts i feel i have a wide range of experience in everything but leveling, so this was going to be fun for me, becoming an alt person, my only taste of this was the "tournament realm" where you can make a premade fully geared toon of your liking.

Anyways, fast forward to me leveling non stop through both pre 4.0 and post and now in Cata.The fun factor was starting to peak for me RIGHT up until 4.0...

Like i said i understand there are always things that are broken, but you guy's(blizzard) seemed to be on top of it, with the new changes to ability scaling per level, which i thought was brilliant, to nerfing and changing of certain classes, the prob was you guys seemingly ignored the TWO MOST annoying/bracket/leveling experience ruining classes and almost seemed to have buffed them further, leaving every other class in the dust.

I'm talking primarily about Pallys and Mages, more so of pallys, Mages in my opinion just really hit too hard, for a class that has the BEST CC. amazing Self peels and survivability they have just been too good for too long imo, but that's just my opinion.

My main gripe is pallys, like mages they have top notch damage, amazing utility and CC, and the straw that ruins my leveling experience on a daily basis is...Healing.

A mana based melee class healing instantly using no mana usage with no CD of any sort, being able to spec TANK, spam a silence that does damage and snares while having the BEST survivability of any class bar NONE, really just baffles me, why this has been untouched is flat out frustrating, every time i log on a lower alt i am confronted with the gods that be Prot pallys, doing high damage or having nice CC is one thing, mages cannot spam heals, basically pallys have become the best at everything, and the fact that Ive seen pallys running through instance as dps in Prot spec is just an amazing testament to how grossly overpowered they are.Ive seen pallys kills groups of players all alone doing nothing more then back pedaling and spamming WoG and whatever damage ability is seemingly up, including myself, a twinked out full brutal warrior, a fellow melee who poses ZERO threat to him because even in identical gear, he can heal for half his life instantly, use mitigation abilitys at a very low level, stun/silence/daze me, deal ridiculous amounts of damage and if by a small chance i play amazing and blow every CD i have or maybe 2v1 the pally, he will simply bubble, wings Or bubble AND wings and destroy everything in his path, not to mention his amazing "lay on hands" ability which serves no purpose in PvP aside from being completely unfair to the point of facepalm.

now i know you guys have usually had the opinion that anything lower then level cap is not a priority to you, but really that is unacceptable to me, this game is way more then just content at cap, TBH I have always thought that is what separates WoW from everyone else MMO wise, you guys deliver a full experience whether or not people choose to participate or not.

So really this is a thread saying GJ with Cata, loving the new leveling experience, except for the fact you have little gods running around ruining the experience for a lot of people.Sorry if this came off as a whine thread, but honestly i could have gone on all day about mages as well but that will just add to the trolling that will in sue.
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I was primarily talking about 1-80, 80+ is an entire different situation, aside from Mages.
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Prot pallys in lower brackets need a heavy nerfing. No doubt. Its sad when the tanks spec is infinitely more viable than the dps spec. That says something right there. Mages have their counters. A hunter who knows what he is doing will pwn a mage in a lower bracket. On the healing front Holy pallies are near godlike. Basically you need your entire team to kill them. 2-3 v 1 just doesn't cut the mustard.
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