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90 Night Elf Druid
My Target Please

Contacts: Fuzbun or anyone currently online.


Raid Days/Times: Tuesday - Thursday, Sunday 5:30pm - 9:30pm server

Recruitment Needs:
Holy Paladin
Holy/Disc Priest

Welcome to My Target Please! We are are a 10 man guild on Bronzebeard (US) PvE server. The majority of us have been playing since 2004, the most of which we have spent together in various guilds before forming My Target Please two years ago. Because of our small roster and the length of time we've spent playing together, we are extremely tight-knit bunch of chaps who 6 years later still enjoy playing with each other.

We're an older bunch then most; we have jobs, family, and other commitments so that we have little desire to waste our time when it comes to raiding. If you can come prepared, and not screw around, we in return will be respectful with your time so you can spend less time wiping and more time doing the things you enjoy. :)

Current Raid Progression:

Bastion of Twilight 4/4 Regular, 1/5 Heroic
Halfus Wyrmbreaker (Heroic) - Dead
Valiona and Theralion - Dead
Ascendant Council - Dead
Cho'gall - Dead

Blackwing Descent 6/6 regular, 5/6 Heroic
Magmaw (Heroic) - Dead
Omnitron Defense System (Heroic) - Dead
Maloriak (Heroic) - Dead
Atramedes (heroic) - Dead
Chimaeron (heroic) - Dead
Nefarian - Dead

Thone of the Four Winds 2/2
Conclave of Wind - Dead
Al'akir - Dead
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85 Human Paladin
Siryn!!!!! It's Darden from Cry Havoc....remember me??? How have you been????

Guild Name: <The Seireitei>
Contacts/Officers: Pestilënce, Elfinlied, Jolelyna
Raid Days/Times: Tue. through Thur. 7p ST to about 9 or 9:30p ST
Recruitment Needs: Need healers mostly but are accepting all at this time due to the loss of a few key players who did not renew for Cata.

-Family oriented guild, NOT hard core but we want to see end game, with core members dating back to Vanilla.
-MUST BE 18 years of age or older.
-Looking for players who want to have fun and looking to improve their game experience.
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92 Dwarf Paladin

Guild Name: Surreal

Contacts/Officers: Zuthos , Exsorcist

Website: Under Construction

Raid Days/Times : Monday, Tuesday , Thursday @ 6:15 PM Server.

Recruitment Needs: 3 Healers, 3 DPS, 1 Tank
Healers: Anything at this point but Preferable 1 Holy Paladin, 1 Resto Druid, 1 Disc priest
DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Spriest, Balance Druid Preferable but won't turn down any good dps.
Tank: Warrior, DK, OR Druid

Notes: 10 Man guild. Currently doing heroics to gear up. Also planning on doing rated BG's.

Current Raid Progression: N/A. First raid date set for January 10th.

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84 Gnome Priest
Guild Name: <Balance>

Contacts/Officers: Hoona, primary recruitment contact. Other officers are available if she is not. Please visit our website for a list of officers.


Raid Days/Times: Wed & Thurs: 6p-9p, Sun: 430p-730p PST

Recruitment Needs: Please visit our website. We're looking for people who can "balance" being a socially acceptable player and a considerate, responsible, and competent raider.

Notes: Heading into our 4th year, <Balance> remains a Friends and Family guild that happen to raid, as opposed to a "casual raiding guild". We continue to reinvent the line between social and dedicated progression raiding, just as we pioneered the notion in TBC that it was possible to clear progression content in a limited raiding capacity every week while maintaining the friendly and social aspects of guilds found in vanilla.

Current Raid Progression: For this expansion, <Balance> will sponsor and participate in 25pp raid content ONLY. Official guild raiding will commence Wednesday 1/19/11.
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100 Tauren Hunter
Guild Name
Straw Hat Pirates

Duskhawk (GM); Megasheep; Doubleu; Rutes; Morkai; Kaladis


Raid Days/Times
T/6PM Highmaul (open/alts); Th/6PM BRF; Sun/5:30PM BRF

Recruitment Needs
We could use another 1-2 regular healers, preferably not another disc priest (we have plenty).

SHP is one of the older large guilds on Bronzebeard. Casual guild; serious raids. For the Horde!

Current Raid Progression
6/10 BRF normal (Gruul, Oregorger, Darmac, Hans & Franz, Flamebender, Kromog)
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100 Tauren Hunter
(Whoops, double post)
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85 Draenei Priest
Half Baked
Scoobydooby, Acdcpwns, Fleshhelmet, Foobz
Weekdays at 5-8, weekends we raid all night if people stay on.
Recruitment Needs: No pallys, druids, or hunters.

Half Baked is now recruiting active level 85 players who are serious about working through end game raid content. We raid 5-8 server on weekdays and are currently 3/12. Heroic groups run daily. We focus on 10 mans and are looking for chill raiders to add to our core. Vent and bowl required.
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100 Human Paladin
ok.. main page more/less updated to here

valhalla - not added until the guild stabilizes with players moving servers
couple of other guilds will not added until i see that they will "survive" (cause i hate searching to see if a guild still exsists) - this is no different than i have been doing since i started this thread =) i do check , so when i see your guild is gtg, youll be added with the others .
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Guild Name- Denied
Contacts/Officers- Grindor, Rhot, Behlal, Deathcharge, Keepsfbuddy, Spellslinger
Raid Days/Times- TBA
Recruitment Needs- Tanks and healers

Edit: Changed Contacts/Officers
Edited by Behlal on 1/23/2011 6:07 PM PST
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100 Human Paladin
ok.. main page more/less updated to here

rock hard removed.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Guild Name - Paragon
Contacts/Officers – Aestus, Caloria, Shaloc, Theowner
Website -
Raid Days/Times – Mon – Thu 530-930 server time

Recruitment Needs – We are always seeking skilled, experienced raiders. Our highest priority needs are updated on our website.

Notes: Paragon is a 25 man raiding guild which has been raiding since Vanilla WOW. We are interested in players who have a long-term view of the game and value learning new raid encounters, pursuing achievements, and maintaining a mature atmosphere. Recruits must demonstrate proficiency in their desired roles, be familiar with boss encounters, and exceed 80% attendance for one month.

Current Raid Progression:
BWD – 5/6 normal
BOT – 4/5 normal
TOFW – 2/2 normal
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100 Human Paladin
Old info, updated in a later post!
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85 Human Paladin

Contacts: Me, Egonomic, Vylanas, Injustice, or Zomg


Raid days/times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 6-10pm server

Recruitment needs: Still recruiting all ranged classes, especially a boomkin and elemental shaman.

25 man Progression:
4/4 Bastion of Twilight
1/2 Throne of the Four Winds
6/6 Blackwing Descent
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90 Goblin Priest
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85 Orc Warrior
Guild Name <Does Annulus for Free>

Contacts/Officers: Budador, Druidmac, Greatsekhmet, Albrum, Nalagar

Website :

Raid Days/Times Tues/Thurs (raiding more often if we recruit more) 7pm server start time

Recruitment Needs:
A solid Healer to allow our healers to switch to a dps role if needed

Notes: We are a tight knit group of friends who have been playing wow together for a while now. A good amount of us are friends outside of WoW, we are looking to progress but in the end this game is really just our escape from classes/work/family. We are good at our classes so we expect those who want to join us to be the same. We don't want to tell you how to play it makes the game less fun for us. Also if you cannot take a joke do not join, we are all cynical and make fun of each other constantly. Average age of our guild is 22+ so keep that in mind (if you or your friends are into Twilight chances are you are too young for us).

Current Raid Progression:
Omnitron Defense System-Down
Halfus Wyrmbreaker-Down
Conclave of Wind-Down
Baradin Hold-Down
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100 Worgen Druid
<Something Wicked>
Officers - Tayzo, Orlandoboom
Website -
Raid Days/Times - Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-7:30, Wednesday 6:00-8:30 server time
Recruitment Needs - Recruitment currently closed.

Current Raid Progression:

12/12 Normal Mode 10 Man
06/13 Heroic Mode 10 Man

Bastion of Twilight 1/5
Blackwing Decent 5/6
Throne of the Four Winds 0/2

edit: I had an extra hour listed on Wednesday
Edited by Tayzo on 4/7/2011 9:27 PM PDT
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85 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name: RAID ZONE

Contacts/Officers: Destroynheal, Gryndall, Evilpureevil, Druana, Castlehawke


Raid Days/Times Raid 1: T/W/Th 6:00 Server, Raid 2 T/Sa 7:00 Server, Raid 3 Weekends TBA (we will be adding 2-3 more raid teams in next 2 months)

Recruitment Needs: All quality mature players welcome

Notes: We mostly raid 10 man content and had as many as 6 raid teams during WOTLK. We are casual hard core...that means we raid for progression and have fun doing it. We probably won't set records, but we will have a lot of laughs. We aer 2 yrs old, have stable leadership and provide a great home for casual raiders!

Current Raid Progression: 3/5 BWD 10 Man, 1/1 BH 10 Man and 25 Man

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100 Human Paladin
UPdated to here :

Note: If you have already posted and you need to update recruitment or progress, please edit your original post. Or you can send me ingame mail , on the horde side, you can send ingame mail to my alt Cougär (alt 132 for that a)
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Guild Name: Resurrection

Contacts/Officers: Khwarg, Kaelek, Teach


Raid Days/Times : Tues/Weds/Thurs 5:15 through ~8:15 p.m. server time

Recruitment needs:

We are currently in need of several dps'ers, and may welcome tanks/healers with offspecs. Our needs include but are not necessarily limited to...

Balance/restoration druids, paladins of any spec, rogues, enhancement shamans, and fury/arms warriors. We WILL consider classes other than those listed.

Notes: We are looking for motivated, skilled, and friendly players who are looking for a relaxed and rewarding gaming experience without the drama. We run 25 man raids for progression exclusively. We are not looking for casual raiders, but rather people who will be dedicated and willing to work to clear content. With that in mind, we still like to have fun while being productive. :-)

Current Raid Progression:

Blackwing Descent: 6/6

Bastion of Twilight: 5/5

Throne of the Four Winds: 1/2
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Punch N Pie

Contacts: Gobblez, Chapelton, Rubyblaze


Raid Days/Times: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, 5 PM - 8 PM ST

Recruitment Needs: All to start a second 25 man, or a 3rd/4th 10 man. We welcome all raiders who can meet raid mins and fit our raiding times.

Punch N Pie is one of the oldest standing guilds on Bronzebeard and currently stands (at the time of this post) at level 18, well above most guilds on the server. We are an adult raiding guild with many great personalities and an even greater loyal player base. We are currently very focused on end-game content, and creating a fun experience in PvE as well as PvP for all of our members. You must be 18 to apply! Head over to and check us out, or grab an officer immediately to apply!

Some of the perks of Punch N Pie include:
    Free Flasks during raids
    No archaic DKP system (or unfair loot council)
    Free guild repairs during official guild raids
    Once a year we meet in real life, get crunk and have a great time (3 years running)!
    Awesome leadership
    Nakedness and drunken debauchery
    We have more chicks than most guilds, and they will rock your face off

Current Raid Progression:

Bastion of Twilight 3/5 (probably 4/5 this week)
Halfus Wyrmbreaker - Dead
Valiona and Theralion - Dead
Ascendant Council - Dead
Cho'gall - DAMN NEAR DEAD GD IT! 20% wipes on first night!
Sinestra - Alive haha Sinestrasa

Blackwing Descent 5/6
Magmaw - Dead
Omnitron Defense System - Dead
Maloriak - Dead
Atramedes - Dead
Chimaeron - Dead
Nefarian - Alive and evil

Thone of the Four Winds 1/2
Conclave of Wind - Dead
Al'akir - Alive and well with his mf'n bullcrap
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