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Twas the night before Cata and all across the realms
People were parking their gnomes and their elves
The main toons were logged with the utmost of care
In the hopes that new breadcrumb quests would appear there
The alts they were nestled all snug in their zones
While the main toons awaited their new hearthstones
And Garrosh with his axe, and Varian with his swords
Moved all their forces from the Tundra and Fjords
Because out in teh ocean arose a big clatter
And they're sending their men to see what is the matter
Away to the docks they all flew like a flash.
To Deepholm! To Uldum! To Hyjal and Vashj(ir)!
More rapid than Patchwerk, like Old Gods they came
And we braced all our weapons and taunted by name:
"Ragnaros, you're a loser! Cho'gall, get a life!
Azshara needs a nose job and Deathwing a new wife!
To the depths of the ocean! To the top of Hyjal!
Now drop us our loot, every single one of y'all!"
As dry leaves from treants whirled all around,
They mustered their forces and stormed 'cross the ground.
And then, in a twinkling, we heard from the Dream,
The roar of great dragons and the crash of Moonbeams.
As we rattled our weapons and turned right around,
Malfurion Stormrage appeared in a bound.
He was dressed in fur clothes, like some Warcraft-world hippy,
With wings, claws and horns. The effect was quite trippy.
His eyes how they narrowed. His claws, how they flexed.
And out from his mouth poured a huge wall of text.
What was said was inspiring, everyone could recall
The Alliance all cheered. (The Horde really missed Thrall;
Who's out in the Maelstrom, straining 'gainst the sea.
But his mate's down in Deepholm as a quest NPC.)
And behind him came Varian and all of his knights
Then appeared Garrosh with the whole Warsong might.
To fighting they fell, the battle how bloody
You better believe it's war again, buddy.
We're clearcutting forests, invading their lands,
And this time no one's handing out reprimands.
The demons looked on, and jittered and chortled.
"We won't have to raise a finger to these mortals!"
But the heroes of Azeroth would not be assuaged,
And like Varian and Garrosh, upon demons we waged
War quite unending, raid after raid.
At least until the next expansion is made.
So it's the night before Cata, and on behalf of us all,
Hurry up, Blizzard. We want to get to the brawl.