No exp from quests, mobs, anything, WTF


82 Dwarf Shaman
Smooth move on not noticing no xp for 25 turn ins lol. Get Pwnt... btw

I simply reloaded my game. And the XP shows on quests and everything.
100 Draenei Paladin
I actually got close to the first shrine in Hyjal before someone pointed it out : \
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87 Human Paladin
sure worked on the EU servers...
90 Worgen Druid
12/07/2010 12:24 AMPosted by Kdense
This is how it is in every expansion... just be glad there isn't a que where your 300th in line like WOTLK :-) my advice is go to bed and play fresh eyed tomorrow :-)

I was 950th in que a few mins ago :|
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I logged out and deleted cache folder and logged back in, quests now show they'll give xp in the log, they didn't before. Please tell me I'll get all the xp from the quests I already turned in :(
94 Undead Priest
85 Night Elf Priest
So on garona 5min after 2am server time which was 12am PST we had Realm First Cooking 525 wtf?
85 Orc Rogue
It is amazing that blizzard misses on the most fundamental part of the game.....gaining experience.
48 Night Elf Druid
12/07/2010 12:23 AMPosted by Bashiok
We're aware level 80 characters aren't gaining experience and it's being investigated.

Working now, but what about the 15-20 quests I already turned in?
87 Gnome Priest
12/07/2010 12:23 AMPosted by Lastrix
classic blizzard
Classic WoW forum poster.
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12/07/2010 12:30 AMPosted by Moridius
so everyone who saved 25 dailys to turn in just got screwed? that sucks, i didnt realize i wasnt getting xp til i turned them all in :(
Are there a lot of people lying about this so they can then put in a ticket for some free xp, or are people really that dumb that they wouldn't turn one in and look just to see how much xp they got, or to see their blue xp bar move, before turning them all in?
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12/07/2010 12:33 AMPosted by Scattman
So on garona 5min after 2am server time which was 12am PST we had Realm First Cooking 525 wtf?

Yesterday we had someone trying to sell the crate of meat that you can get from the cooking daily. He was selling it for 100g.

I'm guessing he used those crates.
Blizzard Employee
XP gains should not be properly unlocked until 85.
85 Night Elf Druid
same no exp at all =/
87 Blood Elf Paladin
SEEMS to work now..

1) Kill a mob

If you gained XP (On your bar, not your log)
2) Turn in quests

12/07/2010 12:34 AMPosted by Bashiok
XP gains should not be properly unlocked until 85.

ummmm? what do you mean
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