Looking for Prot Pally rotation/hotkey advice

85 Tauren Paladin
Hullo all. I'm an experienced MMO'er, and I've recently come into the wow scene. I'm looking for advice on my tank paladin abilities and hotkeys.

Generally my rotation (for 2-3 elite group + normal adds) goes like this: avenger's shield into Hammer, consecration, holy wrath, hammer, judgement, hammer, either WoG or Shield (depending on how much damage i'm taking). If grand crusader triggers, I use it at the next GCD option.

I use my mouse button4 (or r) for taunting. That hammer toss that you can use at 20% hp is 1, and the 1 min CD stun is 2. C and V are my 'oh crap' buttons. Avenger's shield is bound to mouse 3. Q/E are my 'bread and butter' hotkeys, r/mouse4 are my taunts, F is my utility key (item 15 is my health pots).

Here's my macros.
Q /castsequence [mod] Judgement, Crusader's Strike; Hammer of Righteousness
E /castsequence reset=30 [mod] Shield of Righteousness; Consecration, Holy Wrath
R and mouse4 /cast [@targettarget, mod] Righteous Defense; Hand of Reckoning
F /cast [dead] Redemption; [@targettarget, harm] Word of Glory; [mod] 15; [help] Hand of Protection
V /cast [mod] Divine Shield; Lay on Hands
C /cast [mod] Hand of Freedom; Divine Protection

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11 Goblin Rogue
looks good, or at least good enough to take you to 85.
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85 Tauren Paladin
haha, hammer of righteousness x 1,000,000 + occasional avenger's shield would be enough to take me to 85 I think....

But I want to be one of those guys where people are like '/gu jesus, this pally is an awesome tank!'
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11 Goblin Rogue
that comes from knowing all the pulls, which only comes from doing all the pulls over and over again.

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85 Tauren Paladin
Good point. (+1)
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
12/07/2010 9:36 AMPosted by Raygecow
Hammer, consecration, holy wrath

If you are in melee range, you want HotR (for multi's) every other skill because of the HoPo mechanic, i.e. use it whenever it's off cooldown. The only exceptions to this are GC procs for AS or HoW.
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85 Draenei Paladin
I am so stealing your set up mate! thank you. I am trying to also be "that tank"...however trying and not doing that well. lol.
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85 Orc Warrior
12/07/2010 09:52 AMPosted by Raygecow
haha, hammer of righteousness x 1,000,000 + occasional avenger's shield would be enough to take me to 85 I think....

But I want to be one of those guys where people are like '/gu jesus, this pally is an awesome tank!'

That's got nothing to do with macros.

Gear and spec yourself correctly. Know the fights. Don't stand in the bad stuff. Have a good healer. Download and use Omen and DBM. Win.

Exceptional tanking is, and always has been, a group effort.
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Tch, I never understood how to use Macros. But here is the rotation that I use coming into a group of elites. First I don't want to get hit hard. Ardent Defender, Shield, Hammer, *Wrath if needed*, Judgement, hammer, shield. *throw in Stun or Rebuke on casters*. Hammer, 3 holy power, Depends, if I need healed, Insta heal, if not shield of rightousness. to throw out dps, I stay routating what comes up so I don't have to hear, you can't do that, you can't do that, you can't do that. That spell isn't ready yet. So, holy wrath with it's cooled down, judgement, shield, hammer, consencrate cost a lot of mana for me, so if there or like 5 - 6 group mobs, seal of insight, jump in. shield, consencrate, hammer, wrath, judgement, hammer, shield. I don't have macros though

1 - shield
2 - shield of rightousness
3 - stun
q - judgement
e - hammer
r - crusader strike (for when there is only one person left to fight.)
z - Hammer of wrath
f - rebuke
4 - consencrate
mouse 4 - Rightouse Defense
mouse 5 - hand of reckoning
c - Word of Glory

Holy wrath, Ardent, and kings, blessing of salavation and Divine Portection, trinkets, hand of freedom, every man for himself. Some of the buttons i have to click.

Still a processing of working on managing keys around my direction pad so that I can press buttons freely and not have to waist time looking and clicking.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Oh hai 2010!
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