Shadow Priest or Mage or Hunter or Shaman

83 Troll Druid
Hey guys, here another fellow wow player, ive been playing this guy for a while and i really like Feral Druid, i love the rouge ish kinda gameplay with heals on demand, the thing is i wanna also level an alt just to spice things up a little and explore the new shattered world as well, so here is my 4 choices, from ppl who played these classes in endgame which one is more fun/entertaining/long lasting and competitive at dps in endgame PVE content/also some a little pvp here and there for fun?
( Shadow Priest, Mage, Hunter, Shaman)
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83 Troll Druid
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85 Night Elf Warrior
Id recommend a shaman. Elemental are normally pretty balanced and if played right pretty damn deadly.

Shadow Priests have mana issues, Mages have a over population crisis, hunters are sad in PvP.
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80 Draenei Shaman
As mentioned mana can be an issue for a shadow priest, mainly at low levels before you get shadowfiend and dispersion, in raids you can pop shadowfiend with hymn of hope or when a shaman uses mana tide totem and get back a decent sized chunk of mana. But while leveling plan on standing ahead of the group or running up before the next pull in instances so you have time to drink. They are fun to play and have a lot of usefull cc for pvp as well as being able to self heal or pop a shield on yourself. My main is a priest and they will always despite some of the short comings be my favorite class because of the sheer variety of spells and abilities we have.

Shamans are lots of fun. I honestly haven't had mana isssues at all on my Shaman in Ele or Resto spec. Totems provide nice buffs to party members, which is nice. Again you have the ability to self heal and some cc which helps in pvp. You also have the option of going duel dps specs which is useful if you do not want to heal but want to have the option to dps in a different way, with a priest unless you spec pve shadow/pvp shadow you will have to take a healing os or have one spec.
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82 Blood Elf Rogue
Shadow priest don't have mana issues, they just don't have mana.
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