So I just healed Blackrock Caverns...

90 Night Elf Druid

I hope I don't sound like I am bragging or anything I just felt bad you have had bad LFD experiences. Cause I almost live and breath by the LFD tool. I hope it was just bad luck, but I also realize; what I might consider an OK group; might be impossible for you to handle given all the things you need to react to.

I think you misunderstood me. I got kicked for asking to wait for a little mana.

It wasn't a question at all of if I could handle it or not. I can handle healing 4 "tanks" quite well. Healing the entire party was easy, but mana goes fast when you have to heal everyone for a crap ton because they won't play nice and are chain pulling mobs.

Bad apples are rare, but I've had my fair share in the hundreds upon hundreds of lfd groups I've been in. This was just the one that broke the camel's back for me.
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85 Draenei Shaman
It's been faceroll for me doing pugs. Feels just like Wrath really. I'm sure that will change shortly.
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85 Draenei Shaman
I've just been having problems with my haste and crit values going down. At 1220 haste, what used to be around 35+% is now 16, and my chain heal un-riptide'd is a 2 second cast. It's not just me, right? I've only had trouble healing those stars in Vortex Pinnacle, but our tank was in all ICC gear so that might have been a factor in why he'd go from 77k health to 51k in one hit.
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90 Tauren Shaman
Only done BRC so far, it wasn't horrible. CH feels really weak though, I was more comfortable just Surging people if we took heavy AOE. Probably won't be able to do that much longer. Only lost a couple when they decided to run around with Shadow Prison before I could dispel it.

Is it OMG doom!? Nah, but my heals do feel a lot weaker. :/
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The problem isnt class its level, it was harder to heal at 81 than 80 and its going to be harder still at 82 and 83 because of the cuts.

To make any run as easy as possible in cata, healer low as possible, tank as high as possible

Heroics are going to blow chunks.
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23 Night Elf Druid
I would consider myself a good healer who knows when to use high mana vs low mana spells but I have been really struggling. There will be the odd good group that goes smoothly but generally really struggling in BRC and VP.

I play a resto druid and personally would be inclined to say that druid healers are to some degree less affective healers then other healers now going off of feedback from fellow healers of all classes. Either most druids are just worse healers in general that have somehow not grasped concepts that pallys etc. have or the class needs to be tweaked. Or perhaps I've just lost my touch somehow and am now a terribad healer to be feared in LFG.

EDIT: to people saying there not having mana problems at 80-82 wait for it... I had no problem at those levels either running BRC at a higher level almost feels harder then when you were at lower level.
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