Paladin or Priest

16 Tauren Paladin
I am looking to level a healer and am torn between Paladin or Priest, I like both styles so am looking for which would be a little more efficient in the end as main heal.
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100 Goblin Priest
squishy or crunchy? skill based, or faceroll based?
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85 Draenei Death Knight
Paladins take a bit longer to go OOM than priests do. Paladins are also better in pvp atm. If you like both healing styles I would recommend going with a paladin.
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1 Human Mage
OP good question. Here's how I see it:

Paladins: Better in PvP, more complex and challenging

Priests: Better in PvE, holy is just all challenging as paladins. Disc however is another 2 button class that never interested me.

So If you want an 'easy healer' I would go Disc. There really is no downside right now as they are very powerful in PvE. Their PvP state at this point in time, whilst I don't believe it is as bad as many say around here is lacking.

If you want to think 'hmm how am I going to get this person and that person up but be careful of that person and not run oom' then tackle a holy priest or paladin. I personally love the new resource mechanic of the paladin, make it so much more engaging. They arent' as good as they were in pvp a few weeks back but are placed to be one of the best pvp healers in cata

Long story short: I would pick a priest just because you can spec holy/disc and to me this is the ultimate healer because they can do anything.
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