Alright, since talking about how there won't be any new servers isn't going to go anywhere and just get threads locked as people flame, I'll just spend my time trying to track down an old lost friend I used to play with way back in Vanilla as I have a feeling he's still playing or will come back as I have.

The man I'm looking for used to be a Night Elf Rogue on Warsong at launch named Darkatreyu. He's probably not still playing under that name, as I heard from a mutual friend he had swapped to Raiyn a long time ago and thats where my search turns cold. I'm sure wherever he is, he's probably pissing people off as he loved to troll just as much as I did:)

Back story to corroborate if he's the same one I knew. He would know me as Yumil. We met playing SWG together on a server named Radiant. I crafted a bunch of stuff for him and pvped with him a few times. A test server popped up, another server, Ahazi claimed they were better than us at pvp, and I joined Dark and a bunch of other players(Besoup, Ossot, Giveen, etc... Sorry guys I cant remember all your names its been years) in rerolling on their server to battle it out with them as Cobra. I pvped a bit, but I was mostly a forum troll. Good times were had by all.

Wow came out and most of Cobra rolled on Warsong. Besoup made a guild, but they got further faster than Dark and I did so we dropped and created Arcane Sentinel along with Ossot and another player who played SWG with us Viper. Anywho things happened and I stopped playing. I came back on another server bla bla bla.

Anywho, I'd really like to play with Darkatreyu again, so if you know him, tell him I'm here looking for him.