[A] Defenders of Tranquility

Defenders of Tranquility is a World of Warcraft guild on the Drak-thul server (Alliance). We are of the belief that instancing in WoW has become more about getting through as quickly as possible, then moving on to the next one, than it is about taking the time to learn your role properly and how to beat content when you can't just AE-roll all over everything in the dungeon. Nobody takes the time to enjoy the dungeons anymore. So, we have all come together here, re-rolling from scratch, so that we could find other people that wanted to do dungeons when they are still challenging, when crowd control is necessary, and when using /assist can mean the difference between success and failure. Will we raid one day? Possibly, but one thing certain: When we do, it will be with players that know how to handle content that's challenging and requires each person to know their role, and play it well.

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21 Draenei Paladin
I have a priest that is taking steps against the very thing you are talking about. When I have a tank that starts his/her little race, I simply slow down my play. When he complains about me not healing him properly, I give him the line: Try slowing down and you might get healed. I even have it on a macro for both party and raids. I use both, a lot.

If the tank does not get the hint, I also have a macro that says: No more heals for the tank.

That usually gets their attention. It often results in his death and no rez for him either. A couple of these and they usually leave the group, much to our delight.

I get a lot of applause from those I group with for taking this stand. They want to see the dungeon content and frankly, so do I.

Oh, and the tanks in my guild also know my policy, just in case.
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70 Worgen Druid
Sounds like a good guild to be a part of, tell me however. Do you accept characters at any level, or only from level 1?

My wife and brother are currently playing with me. and we're looking for a good guild to join which will let us make friends, quest, do dungeons and down the track, raids together.

We are currently putting a lot of time into the game to try and level as fast as we can, but we'd like to do things properly.

It is annoying when you get a group and they demand you try and take the whole room at once, just so they can finish ASAP, rather than going and prepping with the quests, and running the dungeon to get the whole experience, doing things properly.
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100 Draenei Warrior
We take all levels. We're not a leveling guild so to speak but we almost always have someone on that can help you get through a group quest or a sticky spot in the game. Most of us have alts on various levels that we can jump on so that we can get a group together for on level dungeons and stuff.

Mostly we're just a group of people that got tired of the GO GO GO mind set that so many players seem to have so we got together and started a guild. We do a little casual raiding and have a lot of fun.
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71 Worgen Warlock
I am also looking for a casual guild in this realm with an emphasis on having a good time while raiding as opposed to the "finish as fast as possible" mentality. Presently, my granddaughter (a lvl 20 night elf druid) and I are raiding and leveling together, but would welcome a casual guild. I would like to know, however, if this is a family friendly or more mature in nature guild.
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100 Draenei Warrior
I would say that we are a both a family friendly and a mature guild. We do have a couple of members under 20 but nothing has ever come up to make me question their age. Their father is in the guild and they are usually kind of quiet, never rude or obnoxious at all. I won't tell you that the guild is lily white because occasionally someone drops a cuss word in guild chat. Dammit is about as strong as it gets though. There are at times some slight innuendos and some references to alcohol. "need a beer first brb" when getting a party together or something.

Most of us abhor trade chat so that in itself I think tends to regulate us. Probably the best thing to do would be for you to put in an app and join then spend a few days playing with us and see how the fit is. If you think the fit is a good one bring your granddaughter. If you don't feel as though it's a good fit then you can drop with no hard feelings but you may still make a friend or two that you can continue to play with even though you might not feel as though the guild is a good fit.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Soccer mom guild ?
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100 Draenei Warrior
No, if you are looking for someone to take you to practice you should look else where.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Can my wife come?
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85 Draenei Paladin
I i'n no way belittled your guild it was a honest question. My wife plays and doesn't raid. Your much to defensive. Take a chill pill and relax a little
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Snipe is snipe
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90 Human Priest
I believe your wife would be welcome to join the guild. We are all a little touchy these days (see the general or dungeon forums for the amount of vitrol being spilled).

A lot of people in our guild have families, jobs, and lives that preclude us from putting in 20 hours a day into WOW for progression.

Some of us like leveling alts, running heroics, profession leveling, achievements, and yes, raiding when we can.

I would say we are defined more by our relaxed attitude toward "Progression". I'm the masochist of the group since I like healing in Pugs, or is that a sadist because I inflict my healing on them?

Be all means, have your wife visit norush.guildlaunch.com and check out our forums to see if we are a match for her wants/needs.
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Taken from your recruitment thread:

- Don't stand in stupid! Fire, Void Zones, Toxic fumes. THESE ARE NOT BUFFS!
*Genius! Who woulda thunk?*

Yes, It is sad when one is forced to explain to people that they should not apply if they can not move from fire. Sadly, it is required.

- No keyboard turners, backpedalers, window lickers
*You really have missed out, I mean those cherry flavored windows are the beast!*

Might I remind you that while Antifreeze tastes sweet as well we wouldn't want to drink a pint.

- Have great raid awarness and can fill duel roles
*Yep, no more fire buffs, and you will spec the way we want you to, excel at it or out you go. Awareness(minor spelling correction), Dual is the word you were looking for I believe*

It is not spec the way we want you to. It is spec the way that gives your desired role the best output that you can have so that you can play to the best of your abilities. Who wants a player healing them that is a hybrid DPS build. In a raid setting you are required to pull as much Heals, Damage, CC, and threat as possible. It's all about the numbers not "our preferences".

- Enjoy competitive raiding and can take harsh critisim
*Must enjoy nerd rage yelling in vent for even the tiniest mistakes, and general brow beating.*

You must take pride in your class and have enough pride in yourself to at least research some aspects of your class, role, duties, and raid bosses. We will not yet at you for simple mistakes because you can not learn in an environment like that. We as leaders are here to help you learn. However, standing in the same place and dying to the same avoidable ability consistently will get you a bench seat. Some of these boss fights are difficult and if you proceed to wipe on any boss 12 times trying to get the mechanics down tensions of every player will run high. Yes sometimes someone may yell at a player for doing the same thing. It does get frustrating if your healer cant move from a Shadow Trap or AE effect. But we are friends and treat our players like family. We do not however belittle our guildies. We have the utmost respect for them and their 14.99 and hope that they can see the endgame content they pay 14.99 a month expecting to see.

- Are above the age of 18
*Not much here to comment on really except this is the internet and one can not truly know the player's age. Maturity can be found in all ages as can immaturity.*

True. However there are liability issues. If you know a player is under 18 you can actually be held liable if something happens to this person. If mom hears little timmy's guildie cussing on vent and contacts the vent hosting company your sever can be closed. If it is guild chat and is reported to a GM you can be suspended for it as it breaks the EULA. However if you have a 18 and up Policy and they lie about their age you can not be held liable.

- Be respectfull of all people. Be humble.
*It would be a much better world if people could be respectful (grammar again, sorry) and humble.

Typo's Happen. thanks for bringing them to our attention. Yes it would be nice if people could use common decency to everyone they meet. I hope I cleared some of that up for you all. Good Luck with your Guild. If you need any help or advice on the raiding scene we are always here to help. Happy Hunting.
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100 Draenei Warrior

Can't we all just get along? Despite what Fridgy tried to lay off on everyone we all know what he meant with the soccer mom comment. Fridgy, before I even replied I looked back at all your posts on the forum, you like to push buttons and stir the pot. Soccer moms work their butts off though so don't look down your nose at them. It takes a lot of patience to deal with a bunch of hyped up kids and make sure they are where they need to be when they need to be there.

DoT and AT have the same goal of having a good time playing a game. AT you keep your distance though because we may be casual but we have some of the best dang tanks, healers and DPS on the server and they need to stay just where they are. :P

No hard feelings just keep having fun and much luck on the progression.

~signed Casual and Loving It~
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I would add, that unlike most of what I'm reading on the general forum from those claiming to be "casual", we in fact LOVE the cataclysm dungeons (our only beef so far seems to be that there needs to more 85 normal dungeons).

We LIKE dungeons to be hard, require CC, focus fire, and paying attention. In fact, that's the primary motivation behind forming the guild in the first place- we were tired of all of the face-rolling AE-fest Lich King dungeons.

However, if you check armory profiles, you'll see we are nowhere near "hardcore". Just check mine, for instance. I do have another 85, but his gear is no better. To me, dungeons being hard is not about keeping the best gear out of the hands of "casuals", but rather it's about having challenging content, because well, challenging is just more fun. It will probably be a long time before I have a full set of epics on either of my toons, but I will feel like I've earned it when I do, and I will have had a LOT of fun getting there.

After all, is this not a game? Is not the primary objective to have fun?
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