Holy Healing Needs Work

100 Draenei Priest
I really don't know why they don't just make it a stance. It's not like Holy Priests aren't complicated enough already.

Yes, the "cast 3 spells in a row!" idea was kinda cool, but it proved unworkable. We've already scrapped that idea (which is a good thing), so just go all the way and stop making us unecessarily complicated.

And for god's sake, change Holy Word into three separate spells which are simply active / inactive depending on the Chakra. At least then we could write macros and track cooldowns.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
12/08/2010 7:28 PMPosted by Feedback
12/08/2010 9:25 AMPosted by Shylena
[quote="13055152781"]Macroed Chakra to Prayer of Mending and never looked back. Yeah it's dumb but it's the right Chakra 95% of the time for me.

Also I haven't found Holy to be underpowered at all, it seems perfect for healing the instances so far.

So where did you use Chakra to come to that opinion?

I have used it on every encounter in ICC 10 and 25 hardmode, and I do not share the opinion. I have also run probably 50 random LFDs using it in wotlk as well.

I have not used it at all since CATA went live.

So I am seriously interested in where you used it to determine it was not underpowered at all and perfect for healing instances.

I used Chakra in the Cataclysm normal instances she was referring to, duh. So you are just not using Chakra? Oooook. That is ridiculous; you are being balanced around using Chakra perfectly. You are miles behind other healers by just not using it at all.

Yes, Chakra is not perfect. That's what I meant when I said just macroing PoM to it was dumb. But it's the best we can do right now. Unless you are some sort of robot, you will let Chakra fall off and you will have reduced throughput due to that. I know you can't switch to Heal Chakra quickly and you are locked into it for 30 seconds, but just not using it is insane.

I have not used Chakra in CATA because I have not run any instances since it went live. I was simply trying to show I did not have personal knowledge of how it is in CATA, not saying I would not use it. I use every tool we have when the situation calls for it.

I still dispute your claim it is so grand. But until I heal with it in CATA enough times to actually be sure, I am reserving judgment. I was asking your in fact experience with it, since it was contrary to what I had seen with it before CATA, and you chose to post on a level 1.
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85 Undead Priest
Id like to see chakra just be :

When you use prayer of mending, that spell and subsequent spells are X% stronger.

When you cast a heal, subsequent spells and the heal integration are X% stronger.

And the 3 holy word spells are broken up : chastise made baseline, serenity made the spec bonus, and sanctuary replaces chakra.
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85 Gnome Priest
Yeah I agree completely.

I'm doing normal instances with 70k mana and can't even keep the group up without an almost whipe on trash.

On bosses its terrible as well I can only do half the fight with full mana.

Flash of Light = 4.3k mana?
Greater Heal=3.3k mana?

Logic there is beyond me.
Fix this because I can't do my job properly. Which is healing:)

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85 Blood Elf Paladin
12/08/2010 8:12 PMPosted by Korvos
My flash heal, greater heal, and circle of healing HIT FOR LESS HEALING than they did at level 80. I have 2k more spellpower than I did back then. Im talking about ICC : I would get 14k flash heal hits and 20k greater heal. I now get 12k and 18k respectively.

That's because you had a 30% buff to healing in ICC. Base healing and spellpower all went up from 80 to 85 for you, so there's no reason why your heals should be smaller otherwise.

12/08/2010 8:12 PMPosted by Korvos
Circle of heal is 6k mana for 3.5k healing on 5 - 6 people. Absolute trash.

Prayer of mending is 6k healing a tick for 4k mana on a max of 5 people. Useless.

Prayer of healing is 9k mana for a 6k heal on 5 people, plus a hot with the glyph. Terrible.

I'm sorry that you hate it, but ... Blizzard advertised these changes for ages. This is nothing new. All heals, everywhere, for all classes, heal for a fraction of the size of a healthbar, and most of them are not very mana-efficient. This is so that you have the time to make choices and are forced to make choices between heals based on their mana-efficiency. This is part and parcel of the new healing model.

Again, I'm sorry if you don't like it -- it's certainly a big change from WotLK -- but given how committed Blizzard is to the new model, right now your only options are to adapt to it or play a different game. That's just the way things are.
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100 Human Priest
I'm sorry that you hate it, but ... Blizzard advertised these changes for ages. This is nothing new. All heals, everywhere, for all classes, heal for a fraction of the size of a healthbar, and most of them are not very mana-efficient. This is so that you have the time to make choices and are forced to make choices between heals based on their mana-efficiency. This is part and parcel of the new healing model.

Choices? What choices? I had far more choices as a holy priest in WOTLK than I do in Cata. Guess spamming mostly one spell is okay with Blizzard as long as that spell is slow and terrible. Because looking at the meters from 5 mans I am using Heal for FAR MORE of my healing than I used ANY spell as holy at any point in WotLK after CoH got a cooldown.
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85 Undead Priest
I was going to level my priest first to 85, but decided to give a shot with my paladin after the letdown priest healing was. Turns out my level 81 paladin heals better, faster and with way more efficiency than the 83 priest (same dungeon, stonecore). The holy paladin healing system is intuitive, fun and most of all, WORKS! Priest (tried both specs now, holy being the worst) is clunky, slow, mana costly and frustrating.

I don't have a shaman, but I'm also goin to level my 80 druid just to get a clear sense of how priest healing is behind other classes.
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85 Human Priest
12/08/2010 3:16 PMPosted by Flintte

Other healers pretty much have the same problem. CoH may feel weak, but when I did some testing on Beta in a raid, CoH was consistently among my top 3 heals. It doesn't feel like a lot, especially since it got nerfed, but it's still pretty useful.

I disagree. I think the healing is for so little that it is compareable to another mechanic that puts out little heals - Healing totem.

Healing totem can put out large numbers on a raid, but since the actual impact per health bar is so minimal, it is not generally considered a very powerful heal.

CoH is nothing but a 10 second pulsing healing totem to me at this point. Sure, over time it can accumulate... but it's impact on a health bar is so minimal that it is pretty much just meter padding. I mean 10 second CD on a heal for 3-4 k... when mages have 80+k health? REALLY???
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85 Undead Priest
12/09/2010 1:51 AMPosted by Elliora
Choices? What choices? I had far more choices as a holy priest in WOTLK than I do in Cata. Guess spamming mostly one spell is okay with Blizzard as long as that spell is slow and terrible. Because looking at the meters from 5 mans I am using Heal for FAR MORE of my healing than I used ANY spell as holy at any point in WotLK after CoH got a cooldown.

Oh god, don't say things like this. Remember when CoH had no cooldown and people just spammed it? Yes, it was bad but they put a cooldown on it to stop people from spamming it. Don't make them put a CD on heal because "we would like to see priests use more of their toolbox so we put a 10 second cooldown on heal." I wouldn't put it past the developers to do something crazy like that.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I will ask that you all please remember that there is a very large amount of AVOIDABLE damage out there in instances right now. I'll use Ozruk as an example. If your tank is getting shockwaved...then your tank is failing. If your dps are getting hit by shatter...then you should NOT be able to heal through that.

Here's what i do on that fight:

Place a lightwell and say "DPS, theres your shatter run to point, don't expect many heals if you get popped, I can't afford the mana."

Tell the tank "Back against the wall, run through his legs for shockwave please"

Then I renew the tank, chakra into heal and heal/serenity the tank, pom-ming when he melee reflect shields.

If melee dps die to shatter, then its on them.

If tank gets shockwaved..its on them.

If taking control of every boss fight is what you have to do to make sure people understand your mana and spell limitations...do it.
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90 Undead Priest
Nope, this isnt fun at all now.

It's frustrating. It's unworkable. It's demoralizing.

Been healing since day one 6 years ago, never have I felt like the one that was actually holding the group back like I do now. DPS job is still the same, thier numbers have gone up and well .... it looks like they are doing thier job. Tanks got aggro, all the mobs are stuck to him. His health is higher than it was and well .... It looks like they are doing thier job.

Then there's me. Folks dying all over because I'm OOM, and they can't get out of the fire. I know, and you know...once they learn the mechanics they will do better. But as it stands, it looks like I can't heal becasue I've kept them alive in the fire until I'm oom.

I get kicked from heroics because I have to go oom and drink after every pull, boss fights are so so so so close, but it comes down to me being oom.

I tried holy, tried disc and only disc has any chance at all. but thats if everyone avoids the AOE pitfalls. ONE and I mean ONE thing goes south in a fight and you can heal through it, but your oom and the mobs win in the end.

I cant heal a 81 instance as holy right now from a random group. I can squeak a 85 instance as disc, but that's only because the more experianced players have leveled quick and know thier jobs. When the average guys come through, might as well put a fork in that as well.

How much fun is this? None. Time to do something else.
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85 Undead Priest
Obvious stuff that should be considered:

If a dps goes out of mana, what happens to the party?
If a healer goes out of mana, what happens to the party?

More! If a dps stands on the fire and dies, who the party blames 99% of the time?
If the healer decided to heal said dps and the tank then dies because of this split second decision due to a sudden, massive damage spike (very common in the new dungeons)? Who is to blame?

I'll go even further!

If the dps does subpar damage and the fight drags on and on and on... Who will be kicked 'cause he ran out of mana and couldn't heal anymore?
If a tank is badly geared or/and unskilled and dies, who usually takes the blame and is kicked from the party?

So, challenging mechanics? Thrilling resource managing? Yeah, right. Having a blast here.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I healed a couple of cata 5 mans last night, and had a huge headache.

It reminded me of the first time I healed a 40 man. I was struggling to keep up with heals without going oom.

I think it will improve over time, especially as everyone learns the fights and learns to stay out of avoidable damage.

The healing goal seems to have gone back to keeping people alive instead of at full health.

I really struggled with healing because I had 2-3 people down 20-30k health, and my non-crit heals heal for maybe half of that. It was hard to get people healed up enough to withstand the next blow.

There is a huge disparity right now between damage taken and the amount healed. It forced me to spam more, hence the mana issues.

I am sure that it will improve, but right now I plan on lots of breaks between runs, and keeping the Excedrin close at hand.
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90 Goblin Priest
I've done every instance thus far up to Pinnacle with zero problems.

I ran out of mana once due to us pulling 2 packs. I blew every cooldown I had and kept everyone alive but 1 dps and my group was pretty amazed.

This is whats worked for me.

On typical packs I use single target charka. There are some aoe mobs out there and obviously for those I use AoE Charka.

On a normal pull I pre-renew the tank then activate charka with heal. I chain heals on the tank constantly unless someone else needs healing. This is to get Echo of Light stacked up and keep renew refreshed so when I have to heal DPS I can do so and come back to the tank before renew falls off, plus keeps Charka up so I don't have to manage it. I gain the mana back as fast as I use it with chaining Heals so its basically free.

Heal is tyically not enough to keep the tank up, when his life starts to dip I throw out a Gheal or HW:Serenity. Heal with an occasional Gheal or HW:Ser will keep a properly geared tank up. You shouldn't have re-cast renew during the fight at all,

When DPS needs heals use Heal or HW:Ser. You may have to use flash now and then, but if you find yourself constantly having to flash heal the DPS, they are doing something wrong not you.

For AoE packs, Pre-PoM the Tank to trigger Charka, then use Circle of Healing and PoM everytime they're up plus Prayer of Healing. Prayer of Healing is extremely good now and not the mana hog it used to be. I think HW:Sanct is junk and rarely use it unless we all happen to be bunched up, but it rarely happens. The main benefit of the AoE charka is 15% bonus healing (this is huge) and the 2 second CD reduction on CoH. The AoE charka takes a bit more work to manage but if your casting PoM and Prayer of Healing the Charka cooldown will up before it falls off. Charka isn't on the global cooldown and costs no mana so just activate it before you re-cast PoM.

This has served me well for the first 4 instances. Depending on how good the group is I end fights with 50 to 90% mana. Make sure your not replacing gear with spirit on it for gear without it. A few pieces is fine but don't load up on junk with hit and crit on it. Spirit is your second most important stat after int, Holy priests get 70% of their spirit during combat, 20% more then other heals to make up for the lack of other mana regen mechanics. You NEED spirit. Int>Spirit>Mastery>Haste is your order of importance. Stamina will take care of itself and crit isn't that important for holy.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Thank you Blizzard for making healing engaging and full of thought and allowing me the logs and abilities to show dps or tanks where they failed. Seriously, my best advice would be to solicit a group of 5 people on your server you can run nightly heroics with. That way you have the cohesion and the CC ability can be developed. If you're having trouble healing a pack of mobs...make them CC 1 or 2 targets.

All I know is this is the healing I missed from early BC heroics...in fact, its even MORE fun because its a tad bit harder...and its sooo much more fun than aoe tanking and ratard afk healing that was Wrath.

Seriously...if a dps or a tank complains be like:

[Bad party member] gets hit for 35000 fire damage by [insert mobs] [insert avoidable ability] and say "THIS is why you guys are dying, because your carelessness is wasting my mana."

At the same time, manage that overhealing, I've always said, overhealing doesn't matter unless you run out of mana...well, now, it matters. if you refreshed a renew you didn't have too or wasted half a flash because you overreacted, thats your fault.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Oh and BTW, never has Lightwell been so incredibly useful as it is now.
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