Now I face a decision though; continue on as Holy, which kind of fits my idea of a healer (and character) but keep having to take crap from Flex and groups and not be top pick for Alt Normals because LoLShaman and LoLDruid (no to be mean to them, but they outclass me by a lot just being those classes at times), or bite the bullet and go Discipline and learn that, which while doesn't mesh with the character as well will lead to more people wanting me, and more Alt Normals and possible Normal Normals......and making the Shamans and Druids feel a little impotent at times too.

If you aren't worried about getting into upper progressing SoO heroic guilds, then I would just stick with what you feel comfortable with. You shouldn't have to feel deterred from playing holy because of what people in flex say, there simply isn't a huge healing requirement for it in the first place. As for Normals, I've found you can easily 2 heal the content and still manage to keep up with the other classes at the same ilvl if you utilize your abilities properly.

Heroics are definitely a different story, most groups will tend to avoid taking a holy priest if at all due to disc's high demand of absorbs and utility. That's not to say holy doesn't have the capabilities of two healing 10M heroic content, most groups just won't take that risk.