Nope, this isnt fun at all now

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Well, I'll certainly give it a try, but it just sounds horrific. I have to think that either these issues will become less of a problem as you gear up or Blizzard is going to have to fix it. If healing continues to be misery, then everyone who heals will quit healing and then there will be a ridiculous lack of healers. I'm certain Blizzard wouldn't let that happen.
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And what the heck is all this "slowed" down fights? Fights and health bars are moving down just as fast as ever. Getting them back up as fast as they go down simply eats the mana too fast.

The answer was spirit? I need more spirit? If I have to get the tank up with two flash/greater heals, thats around 11 K mana, a full 7th of my mana pool to get him to 50K health back. or only 40% of his health.

boss still beating on him, so that health is down 25K since the heals started.

Blizzard thinks that my 1.5-2k mana every 5 seconds in combat is going to win the day?
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85 Night Elf Priest
I love it when people say "don't heal dps who stand in the fire." Maybe everyone else's experience is vastly different from mine, but in all the countless WotLK normal and heroic runs I've done I've only had a small handful of people obliviously stand in the bad stuff. Most people take a tick of it, realize, and get out. I just don't think it's as simple as "don't heal bad dps," "don't heal dps who stand in the fire," etc.

I don't mind encounters where the tank takes massive amounts of damage but everyone else takes little or no aoe. I don't mind encounters where everyone takes a good amount of damage. I don't mind encounters that keep me on my toes, and I appreciate Blizzard's attempt to ramp things up a couple of notches. What I don't like is the feeling that if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time - even for an instant - you are dead. Because in the end, it's just another gimmick, albeit one with a steep and harsh learning curve.

I also don't like how it's seems that Blizzard has handed healers a large assortment of heal spells and other protective measures (especially for priests) and has then given us encounters that essentially force us to scrap most of them because they are too mana inefficient to use. Sure, I get that I can't just waltz in and spam flash heal constantly, but I shouldn't have to take it out of my toolkit completely.

Lastly, I don't like how it seems that healers have been penalized more than other casting classes when it comes to mana. If healers are going oom or close to it in the middle of fights, then all other mana using classes should be too.

I know that after everyone figures out all the gimmicks and gets geared up it will get easier and we'll be complaining that it is all too easy. But I really thought Blizzard was going to bring back the feel of TBC or even vanilla dungeons in terms of difficulty for healers. This goes well beyond that. Healing spells got less efficient, regen went down the toilet, and encounters got much, much harder. That's a big and bitter pill to have to swallow all at once.

IDK, I just feel that things should have gotten equally harder for all classes. As it stands, it got several orders of magnitude harder for healers and only a bit harder for dps.

/end QQ
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85 Troll Shaman
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