I've rerolled on this server about 6 weeks ago because I was on Area 52 (one of the largest servers) and wanted a small server with balanced A:H and good community.

Some quick info about server (purely from my observations):
-Roughly 40:60 A:H ratio +/- 5%

-Economy seems average, but some things are OP since it is a low pop server.

-Horde attack allies on sight 90% of time but don't seem to be great at pvp, which I find odd.

-Allies are typical with A LOT of immature people, but there's solid guilds with good people to get away from that.

-Progression is slow and PuGing raids is very hard to do because of limited people.

BG Q times are short for allies (<8 min), don't know for horde.
Dungeon Q times are usual, (<1min for tanks, <5 min heals, 15-25 min for dps)