What PVP dmg / heals / regen hybrid is best?

2 Tauren Hunter
I havn't really played since BC, and I'm looking for advice on which healer would suit me best for PvP.

In BC I started with a dreamstate druid (before it was common), and progressed to a balance specced druid (something like 46/ 0 / 15, with intensity for better regen), but wearing healing gear (remember +heals and +dmg used to be separate, though you got 1/3 of your heals added to damage). I sacrificed some healing compared to a full resto druid, but I could do way more DPS than a normal healer, and had huge mana regen. I wasn't great at anything, but especially with macroed weapon swaps, I felt I could do ok damage, and respectable heals.

I know the stupid "must take 31 talent points" thing prevents weird hybrids, but what healing class might suit me best?

1. What healer can have the best mana regen?
2. What healer can pump out the most DPS?
3. What healer best combines the two?

(Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for some mythical super class that can heal like a full resto and yet damage like a mage, with infinite mana. I just want a healer with relatively high damage, and high mana regen, even if that sacrifices some healing power to get the extra DPS and regen).

As a side question, which healing class DPS spec (like shadow or feral or whatever) can best offheal, preferably without going OOM instantly?
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85 Tauren Priest
I think the idea of a healer emphasizing efficiency or mana regen is one they want to do away with. However, a Discipline Priest with Evangelism, Archangel, and Atonement, will do the most damage while healing. That spec substitutes the Heal spell with Smite.

As far as off-speccing, the non-caster trees tend to have talents that boost HPS frequently, but don't support sustained healing. For example, the Feral tree grants an instant cast spell relatively often, but has nothing that greatly improves heals overall. The Retribution tree makes Word of Glory (an instant heal) very good to cast on others, but again does not boost the core spells. An Elemental Shaman, on the other hand, will have lots of intellect for powering up heals overall. So it depends more on whether you'd like to feel like you're contributing to heals, or if you want to be able to really go into healing mode in an emergency. I personally feel Shadow Priests have the best of both worlds, as Power Word: Shield can be cast in Shadowform, and Vampiric Embrace delivers constant healing to the group, but Shadow Priests will also be in caster gear for when the time comes to shed Shadowform and throw some clutch heals.
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