Are holy priest dead?

I was holy for a while and ever since the experiance with new dungeons I have quickly went to disc. I always assumed holy was the power and disc was the stability but now holy feels, well drained. I dont feel like a powerhouse, but a mana guzzler. 2k renew is nothing on a 64k tank loking 13k like every hit. Chakra feels more like a parlor trick than useful now, as it strnegthes my Aoe heals but then I run out of gas quickly. Couldnt possibly care less about chakra smite personally.

Switching to disc has made it more bareable, but man is shadow looking good at the moment.
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90 Undead Priest
That's odd. I actually had the opposite experience.

Ran thru Stonecore the other day as disc, and I could feel my mana hurting bad. I switched to holy to mix it up a bit, and found my mana efficiency (along with handling the aoe dmg) to be vastly improved.

I'm finding Heal Chakra to be my hammer of choice, largely to keep renew refreshed on the tank (and on the 2 melee that seems to be taking a lot of silly aoe dmg from stuff). SoL procs have been much more handy, and it's always nice having HWSerenity available.

I've regulated FH to the same category as GS, "In case of emergency, break glass"

After reading up a bit on some of the encounter mechanics in Stonecore, I'm led to believe that some excess aoe dmg taken by dps is easily avoidable. That being said, disc is not so good at aoe dmg - makes me kinda feel like the early Deconstructor days when Ulduar first came out.

However I have realized one thing: Disc's tank healing 'rotation' of PWS->heal->heal->instant something->repeat is super efficient and much more controlled than holy tank healing. All that goes out the door when dps decides that it's fun to take unnecessariy damage - in situations like that, holy's playstyle really kicks in and can handle the rough situations very well.
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90 Goblin Priest

I'm doing just fine as Holy. Charka is extremely powerful, theres no reason it shouldn't be kept up all the time and both forms are strong as long as your using them correctly. You either get the ability to never have to cast renew more then once a fight plus an amazing cheap instant heal, or a massive 15% increase in AoE heal. It costs nothing to activate other then casting spells you should casting in those situations anyway.

Chain heal on the tank when on one else is hurt to build up Echo of Light, keep charka up, and keep renew refreshed. When the tanks' health starts to dip use HW:Ser or Gheal. Heal the DPS when you have time, you don't need to do it the second they're hurt, if the tank is at 50% Gheal him up, then heal the dps, don't panic and spam flash heals. Use Prayer of Healing when multiple DPS is hurt, not multiple flash heals. Feel free to wait on HW:Ser cooldowns to heal DPS, they do not have to be healed the second they're hit. If you have to spam Flash to keep them alive, they are the problem not you.

If the tank and dps handle the encounters right to avoid the avoidable damage it shouldn't be a problem. Think of chaining heals on the tank as 'base', when you need to heal dps your leaving that base, but make sure you only pop out now and then and then go back to it. You will regen mana faster then you use it chaining Heal. If done correctly Charka should never run out and you should never have to recast renew on the tank.

The only time to use the AoE charka is on pulls where enemies do AoE damage. You'll learn what these are easily enough. On those pre-PoM the tank to activate charka, you may have to reactive again later but it won't be a problem, your two main aoe heal spells are Prayer of Healing and Prayer of Mending anyway. Prayer of Healing is amazing now, never use multiple flash heals to heal the group!

I can't really comment of Disc because I'm not disc, but this has worked out just fine for me as Holy.
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1 Human Priest
Yeah, Delisse your experience seems to be the opposite consensus I've been getting. For example-
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85 Human Priest
Chakra is absolutely essential as you *need* to be using hw:serenity basically on cooldown for it's mana efficiency and buff. It's really, really, really stupid the heal chakra doesn't proc off gheal though.
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90 Dwarf Priest
I havent tried disc yet, but I suspected holy would be better and so far its not disappointed me
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