Druid healing tips?

13 Dwarf Paladin
I'm currently resto druid and really really struggling. Any DRUIDS have tips on how to heal better because I've gotten the impression I'm a rubbish healer now so any advice would be welcome. (I'd rather answers from druids 84 and up seeing as healing 80-83 is considerably less mana intensive.)

I don't mind the challenge but I'm going oom in fights and can literally just stand there and watch my group die. I've had the odd run be ok but in general they're awful. I'd like to consider myself as able to recognize when to use what spell but I'm going oom so often to the point I can't heal dungeons anymore without wiping that I assume I'm doing something wrong.

Regrowth doesn't seem strong enough to merit using it in oh #*!! need a fast heal moment but if swiftmend is on cd I feel pretty screwed for any spike damage.
If tank is so low on health he needs me to use an expensive healing touch the cast time is so long generally by the time I get cast off he's dead.
I use nourish sometimes but there seem to be few moments I can get away with the casting time for only little health return without needing to break cast to heal for additional damage or damage on other players.
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85 Worgen Druid
I'm right there with you. I am not a bad healer. I've been in a top guild my whole druid life with the achievements to back up my skill. I am struggling hard. It's miserable. I dunno what to do.
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85 Tauren Druid
First tip: Avoid Regrowth like the plague. It's an awful spell now and seems to serve zero purpose. It's grossly inefficient, and heals extremely little. It does not compare in anyway to flash heal, flash of light, or healing surge. It just plain sucks.
Second tip: Keep LBx3 up on the tank at all times. It procs replenish, and does double duty on OoC procs.
Third tip: Use OoC procs on healing touch on the tank whenever you can. It helps alot. You should be casting healing touch when the tank is ~50% or so, not critical health. LBx3, rejuv, and swiftmend should keep the tank from going into critical long enough to toss up a healing touch.
Fourth tip: For healing dps, I almost universally rely on rejuv+nourish to heal them up, with WG thrown in when 3-4 people need healing.

Hope this helps!
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For tank healing, roll 3 stacks of lifebloom and a rejuv on the tank, and nourish/Healing Touch to refresh it as needed. Regrowth is garbage now, as well the idea of rejuv blankets. For spike damage, Nature Swiftness/ Healing touch macro works well.

I got my spec from EJ and it seems to be working pretty well. Its a change of pace not to top everyone off with spam heals. If you try you will OOM fast. Harass the dps to stay out of the fire and other nasty stuff and to bandage if they are low on health. The 3 sec to do that will save you a good chunk of mana
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13 Dwarf Paladin
Thanks for the advice. Opinions on wether Furor is worth speccing into for bigger mana pool? And are there any must have regen talents in balance I should look at?
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85 Troll Druid
They certainly were not joking about making healing harder.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I would honestly take both Moonglow and 2/3 Furor (since we don't have the points for 3/3) and just stack spirit, that way your covered if your DPS make a mistake and you need to spend more mana then you'd like healing them.

Really, the difference is now, a healer can't cover a DPS's mistake, something we've always been able to do, which essentially just marginalizes us, we're the least important of the 3 roles now, and it's not even close.

The fix is actually quite simple too, Blizzard just needs to buff how much healing the fast, expensive heals do. Regrowth should be healing for at least 3-4 times as it does now, since it's worthless right now in every way imaginable. It'd also be nice if Nature's Swiftness also increased the amount of healing on the spell you pair it up with by 100-200%, it's a 3 minute CD so I don't see the harm in making it act as a big heal.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Right now I'm relying hugely on Nourish and Regrowth. Hugely meaning that the only hot I'm casting in normal situations anymore is Lifebloom.

Regrowth is now only there for serious ''OH ###*'' situations. Rejuv is only worth casting for Swiftmend when you absolutely need to get a quick heal off.
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85 Troll Druid
the secret is to always keep your 3 stack up with nourish, use your clearcasts on HT and never rejuv without knowing you're going to use it for a swiftmend and if the group takes damage you wg, its ok if ppl dip down low. The encounters are more around damage avoidance than anything. Happy healing.
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don't use Regrowth unless you have an OCC proc, try to keep LB up (it is cheap and if you have the talent it will do replenishment) Nourish most of the time on the tank (this will refresh your LB for you) the DPS you can let them drop to 50% or so HP before you need to heal them (if they are smart, if not you will find you are going to go oom) I see 2 options, Rej the 3 of them, or WG (again if they are smart the WG should not eat into your mana much, this is what i use if the group is smart and I can use it maybe 2 to 4 times a fight, plus it hots the tank too) as for sell healing if you can find the time, I use bandages on myself. Innervate early and often (it only gives you 20% of your mana back so the moment you hit 80% mana innervate)
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13 Dwarf Paladin
Thanks for everyones feedback will try to be brave and attempt healing one of the harder dungeons again and employ some of these tips.
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87 Troll Druid
The best tip i can give you is change to feral or moonkin for a while.

As 85 healing got a little better than 83-84 with 2 talents in Lifebloom proccin Omen...


-3x blooms on tank + nourish when its about to end.
-Keeepin everyone in 80-90% hp and do 0 overhealing.
- vote 2 kick useless tanks that are not doing what they are supposed to...or they stand on top of fire, etc.
-rejuvenation when people have low hp but not taking dmg anymore... to heal them slowly :)
-only using regrowth when Omen of Clarity Procced
-drink from 80 to 100% mana after every trash-group...just in case :P


. Malfurions gift is a good talent to have.

a MUST talent to have.
Was almost useless in woltk...and so important now.
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13 Dwarf Paladin
I ran as dps for a bit just for a break from healing and to see how other healers are doing and it seems in all the randoms I've been in its always the druids that are worse and go oom fastest. Maybe I'm just getting unlucky but sometimes I just want to leave group if I see its a druid healer. Hoping this is just a rough patch though that will improve, considering rerolling actually to shammy or paladin cause they seem to be doing better but probably won't tbh cause don't really enjoy any other class as much.
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87 Troll Druid
12/09/2010 10:31 PMPosted by Genolva
I just want to leave group if I see its a druid healer.

Imagine from a druid healer's point of view...
Enter a instance and realize everyone is watching you with a killer-look ^^
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91 Tauren Druid
My strategy is the same as everyone elses pretty much:

-Tanks get lifebloom refreshed with nourish/ht (to refresh LB) and a rejuv if I need more hps on him. Don't be afraid to refresh lifebloom with another lifebloom to avoid your stack falling off, or if even a nourish would overheal.

-DPS get nourishes if damage isn't too high, rejuv's if I need to stay on the tank more, and HT's for big spikes.

-Regrowth is garbage and should only be used as a last resort. If you need to cast it alot, someone is doing something wrong.

-I generally end up swiftmending the tank at the start of pulls because they always spike alot. After that I try to save it for dps, or any fight mechanic where you collapse onto one spot. Don't be afraid to run and stand in Efflorescence if you need heals. Getting dps to stand in it is another matter but it never hurts to ask.

-Tree of Life is VERY strong if you know you will need a lot of healing. DO NOT use it to spam regrowth (Unless you need to be on the move, Regrowths cast time will always be as long as the GCD so spamming it in tree of life form is basically like spamming it out of form). Generally if the situation calls for regrowth spamming, you popped it too late. It's strength is Lifebloom on multiple targets. If you get a 3 stack going on all 5 people you will be set for pretty much the duration of Tree of Life. After you get your stacks rolling, use spare GCDs on Clearcasted HT's/Regrowths.

-WG is expensive so only use it when your whole group needs heals.

-Tranquility can bring you back from the brink, don't forget you have it.

That should cover just about everything. If you still find you are having trouble there isn't much else your spellbook can do for you and it's time to start looking at how bad your group is.
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