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Let me start off by saying I like blizzard forcing healers to watch their mana bars again, it does add a level of skill that didn't exist in wrath and forces groups to pay attention to what they're doing. My problem is with heals not healing for enough.

My Greater heal right now heals on average for 20k and costs 5559 mana, that said the average tank i've seen has about 125k+ health. This seems ridiculously low and I'm not sure how to generate enough hps to keep my group up at times (I don't pug, this is with guild group that don't stand in the fire so to speak).

Now I can get past that, blizz can design encounters around healers limited capabilities but what does concern me is pvp. Players right now can generate pressure that I simply cannot heal through even when I'm not interrupted or targeted.

How do you deal with these situations? Pvp isn't like pve for healers, you cannot have your group minimize the healing you have to do at least not to the degree present in pve. At points I HAVE to spam flash heal to keep someone alive, but spamming it for 4-5 casts effectively ooms me and with the changes to regen mechanics getting that mana back is much more difficult.

So my main question is this and I would like to hear the communities opinions on the matter. Is the current healing situation working as intended and will even out as everyone gears up? Or did blizzard lower healing by too much when coupled with heals now very expensive mana costs?

Sorry for the long post but I would like to hear what people think.
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Don't know what they were thinking myself, I healed in BC when you had to watch your mana but back then when you used a healing spell you know it was going to do something, now its like you got to cast 2 or 3 of your largest heals to make the health bars move and even then if their is any AOE damage going on you will keep the tank up but watch all your dps and yourself die :(
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