You are the worst healer I ever had.

That what a tank told me when I was healing Stonecore. We wiped the first time because I was getting mana when he first pulled and we wiped. I told him I am not a mana machine and if we don't CC I will have to stop and let me drink a lot. He response was that I was bad because none of his healers have ever run out of mana. I decided to deal with it, because getting the dungeon debuff plus 40min estimate to another group isn't fun.

To make a long story short, we got to the end, with me at fairly half mana through by keeping the dps at half health and the tank topped off between pulls. The insults didn't end but I kept my cool and did my job. I understand that heroics will be harder, but my question is will I have to deal with these kind of tanks now.

It feels like the old "We died because the healer sucks" is starting to rear its ugly head again.
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/vote kick tank



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100 Dwarf Paladin
Get to 85.

When idiot tanks and dps start kicking out every single healer to join their group, they'll start to get the clue that their healers aren't the problem. (Assuming of course that the healer is actually half-decent).
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Someone once told me: "Tanks aren't the problem. Their mouths are."
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12/10/2010 4:10 PMPosted by Snowfoxen
Someone once told me: "Tanks aren't the problem. Their mouths are."

LOL. Gold
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