Tree of Life suggestion.

85 Night Elf Druid
So healing as a druid right now is hard. All resto druids know this.

When I pop into ToL, it's usually mid fight when healing is most intense. By this time I'm usually at half mana ( this is in normal cata dungeons, not heroics ). So I pop the, stacking LB like crazy is the best option obviously since LB is pretty much the only good spell resto druids have right now. But what's the point of making regrowth instant cast? Usually at this point 2 or 3 casts of it and I'm OOM so I don't even touch it unless the tank is at 10k health or something.

So why not chage ToL to also reduce the mana cost to spells slightly. I'm not talking by 2k or something. But even knocking off 500 mana from each heal would help come those last few seconds of a boss fight when a resto druid is probably OOM and the only thing you can do is pray to the WoW gods.

This isn't about QQ. This is about a small change that makes ToL a better option and make more sense.
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100 Troll Druid
Either that or make Healing Touch or Nourish the instant cast (or at least lower the cast time by 1 second) and NOT a dead spell that no one is gonna use.
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85 Worgen Druid
They need to remove the HoT portion from regrowth to make it equivalent to other flash heals. Right now, spamming regrowth on a single target is silly since you're basically wasting a portion of the spell.

But whatever. I can get things done with only nourish and lifebloom.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Making Nourish the instant cast is pretty appealing. Keep it the 1600 mana heal ( or so ) that it is but it would fully replace even looking at regrowth while in ToL which would then save a ton of mana.
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