affliction dps - i was removed from group

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fyi - i posted on the customer service forum about this issue cause i feel it does have something to do with the service i am getting. which i know you guys cannot prevent things from happening but you can prevent or at least try to prevent people from abusing vote to kick. however here is the issue i encountered playing an affliction warlock fully key'd, skilled and able.

hey, i joined lfg group for a random. i got a halfway completed INSTANCE (heroic deadmines) and 4 out of 5 guild run form karagath. after being told DPSING THE BLEEPING BLEEP BLEEP ECT ADDS. (after the wipe cause apparently its an affliction locks fault when a rogue and dps warrior fail)

i ignore that cause i was clearly dpsing adds & the boss (i'm talking about the wolf type boss) however, the ONLY spell i have which is instant as affliction is Fel flame. so i was spamming fel flame, death coil when it was up and shadow flame but the main spell i used is fel flame.

however Adds were to many (towards the end)i think they were slacking too. anyways, i was removed from group and i shouldn't have been removed. i did the fight yesterday fine, i did the exact same thing.

Either do something about those people or give affliction more instants i don't know. i could switch specs but i don't have my 500 key binds all nailed down.
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Felflame is terrible damage, don't try and aoe with it.

Affliction has always been terrible for heroics, it's probably best to change specs. Most ignorant pugs will accuse you of not doing enough trash dps and boot you, even if you top bosses. You really aren't going to come close to most other classes.

If you dont want to change specs, make use of soul swap and tab dot then RoF. SoC is only useful if the adds don't die before the cast completes.
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I've been topping dps meters as aff on just about every run I do. Trust me, the higher level you get, the better it performs. For aoe packs SoC is your friend. Also, glyph for fear. Best single target CC in the game right now. Also, what kind of stupid group of ppl kick someone for low aoe dps? Also, solution for stupid pugs...

Step 1: Get in a guild

Step 2: Run with at least 2 other guildies

Step 3: Become unkickable.
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look i'm not an idiot. i was #1 dps on that fight but i wasnt on adds cause i don't have enough instants. normaly i'm doin 10-14k on trash which places me at #1 dps unless i join a group with 25icc heroic gear. i have grouped with a few random dps that gave me a run for my money, however if it has a decent amount of hit points i'm #1 cause i can dps multiple targets. if its 1 target burn ofcourse i will not be #1

fyi i could soul swap but when the target dies in 2-3 seconds its a bit pointless to soul swap

lol normaly im #1 dps on bosses i really dont understand what you're getting at. all i'm saying is for burn purposes as in 1 mob that has 70k hp dies in 2-3 seconds i can't burn it other than using fel flame. i'm not tryin to dps using fel flame lol anyways im goin back to wow
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I got kicked because I don't know how to swap to adds in the add phase of a boss, so either punish others for that or buff warlocks?

Ok, just making sure I had that right.
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