Anyone else notice melee getting *@@#d?

85 Human Priest
It's been a common theme in my groups, every melee I've ever grouped with takes the most damage out of all the dps. Ranged are generally perfectly fine but melee just get *#%* on constantly.

Is this because they're bad? Is this intended?
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85 Worgen Priest
I love the DPS that somehow manage to eat the cleave.

I mean, really? What the hell.
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90 Night Elf Druid
It's usually a tradeoff. Melee also don't lose dps unless it's forced movement out of the immediate area around the boss, whereas ranged lose substantial dps for moving out of zones.

Also, melee can prevent the most tank damage by interrupting.
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I actually had a discussion with someone about this in a pug. It was a rogue who had a good head on their shoulders, but they still needed more healing than ranged. It's gotten to the point where I'm excited if a party is mostly ranged and concerned if it's mostly melee. I've been finding myself having to let the melee die at certain points in favor of keeping the tank up, and their faith in the healer (or obliviousness to the situation) keeps them from pulling out of the fight to bandage and chill until I can help them.

Also, most melee doesn't interrupt. If they did, I might even decide to spend a FoL on them if the situation warranted it, since their interrupts will likely save me that much in healing the tank.
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93 Blood Elf Priest
I noticed a general lack of situational awareness in the DPS I've grouped with. Not everyone, but a significant amount of people. Mobs are also doing more close-range AOE damage now, which is hard to avoid (if they try at all). Combined, it's deadly. I'll try and get them through it, but most of the time I just let 'em go tank the floor for a while.

It sounds mean, I know. They'll either learn or die.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I have seen this as well, and though i sometimes try to keep them up for my own satisfaction it cannont be helped but to let them die or go OOM, the thing that bugs me though is that when they drop they instantly blame the heals, and /vote kick, this has happened a number of times, so please if any dps are reading..wake the #$%^ up! and move out of the bad @@!#.
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