85 Worgen Hunter
Sorry your out of focus.

Focus is the worst play experience in this game I have ever been subjected too in a PVP environment.

There are exactly 0 meaningful talents in all talent trees that allow focus regeneration in a way to actually aquire the ability to reuse your damage spells in a PVP environment.

My rogue has steady shot energy regen baseline non stop as Combat, and as assasination I gain 12 energy regen when leaving stealth for the first 20 seconds.

Again. My hunter under no circumstances can regenerate focus in a pinch. Nor is my focus regeneration greater then that of 2 rogue specs, whilst mine requires more clunky game mechanics

Sorry but Fox doesn't fix anything.
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I have to say, nothing about focus is fun, PvE its not fun PvP its awful.

I am suceeding in PvE in spite of focus but nothing about it fun at all, leveling my mage and switching mains most likely
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Can't say I've gotten a hunter very high, but yeah, Focus seems pretty bad. There is one thing I like about it more than Energy: Though it takes longer to regenerate your entire pool, it also takes longer to empty it ... at least at (very) low levels.

I feel for you guys. Welcome to the world of non-magic users.
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12/11/2010 3:03 AMPosted by Dogpower
Focus was a decent idea, but it's been implemented in a very mediocre fashion.

The system has potential but it needs a LOT more work, there either need to be far more ways for a Hunter to gain focus or the baseline focus regen rate must be upped inline with Rogue energy. Shot damage can then be compensated accordingly to prevent Hunters doing too much DPS in raids.

Is it terribly difficult for Blizzard to understand that being constantly resource-starved is a very frustrating experience for players?

Mana is limited by a slow regen rate.
Energy is limited by a small max amount.
Focus has a bit of both.

If you're going to increase Focus regen to near that of Energy, you may as well just replace Focus with Energy. Good luck enjoying that one.

Edit: Sometimes I feel like I'd rather have a Focus, that I could get more burst with a larger energy pool, and then disappear longer to regen. If I were you, I wouldn't ruin the potential of Focus by pursuing a faster regeneration rate. They'd just have to nerf something else.
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The problem is that cobra shot doesn't actually have any perks other then giving focus, there is little incentive to cast it so it feels forced upon you like ok I did my damage now I have to stand back here and cast this dumb spell until I can do damage again.
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