I do understand your frustration, moving from Wrath to Cataclysm is a major change indeed. I've met many players who on the first day when they attempted dungeons at 83 how hard it was becoming only for them to contemplate how much harder it is at 85. But there is something we are forgetting, something that all the users frustrated on this forum are failing to remember.

It is not you carrying your group anymore, it is your group working together. A lot of healers from wrath didn't need to rely on others apart from basic mechanics, but now we have a change. CC is required on 80% of trash pulls if you wish to survive, the tank can't go through the whole instance without managing his cooldowns, and all users must have the appropriate gear to say the least.

Of course healing seems very low compared to health, but on my healer I keep learning how to manage my mana, and when I start prioritizing the right stats it gets even easier. Healing is NOT what PvE'rs should be concerned about, but overall dungeon reliability in pugs. The difference is EXTREMELY noticeable, and I hate to say it but ranting on these forums about LFD groups is not going to help.

We can't avoid mechanics anymore, no one can. This is NOT a healing problem, but a problem within your group. People claim only elitist enjoy this, well I'm no elitist and it is creating a new experience. I advise every healer whom complains to understand the roll of everyone in your group.

So before you complain, read up on the new healing mechanics, practice your mana efficiency and learn your limits. Explain if your group isn't CC'ing, and following mechanics to do. EVERY heroic I've been in so far, not ONE player has complained about my healing, even pugs. A lot of players do understand, and will understand that they cannot dps wildly without worrying about their surroundings.

Want some protips?

- Tell your group to eat after a pull to get topped off, or toss a hot and that's all.
- If you see a DPS standing in fire/void zones let them know either shapen up or you won't heal him.
- Players have no need to be 100% health anymore, STOP TRYING TO TOP PEOPLE OFF! This is the downfall to the majority of your mana issues. I'll throw up a riptide and maybe a healing wave here and there using basically no mana after a tough pull. They can eat! Food does not only say mana on it.
- Make sure you're focusing on spirit/int and for rshamans spirit/int/crit, this early in the x-pac don't worry about HASTE. Haste is a stat that can be avoided considering how every healer has a system/way to speed up healing without haste.
- Have a lot of water, yes it is annoying but after the average trash pull stopping for 5 seconds to sip on water brings me to full mana even if I'm 60k! You never know what may happen next.
- If your group ends up kicking you, think to yourself. Was there unhealable damage being put out? Were you trying to be efficient and keep people alive? If you answered yes to both, then it was a group problem and be GLAD you're out of that group.
- Be patient. There are some heroics overtuned, blizzard has rushed into cataclysm leaving casuals in the dust and I feel the more difficult experience should be left into raids. Trash pulls can be lowered in health/damage output, and I feel bosses are fine! Mechanics are key to be followed.

Most of this is my opinion since Tuesday of healing at 85. Instead of complaining things are too hard, you have to remember. SO MANY other players are doing just fine or more than fine so change up your playstyle, ASK FOR HELP, make sure your group is performing well.

As for PvP, we get a bit better with resilience and one healer isn't god.
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