Make dps classes have to make choices too!

96 Undead Priest
Im all for the changes, I think things may get a "tad" better when gear gets better, but as of now I agree with many posts here.

The simple fact is dps classes will continue to follow the mindset that any damage they take should just be healed through and if the healer cant take it they are a poor player.

Why not implement some of these voids, fires avoidable damage to give the dps players a debuff to their own DPS. That sure would give them a reason to pay attention and not make every healers life miserable.

On a smaller scale tanks standing in them take xx% more damage from mobs. Sure make healers resonsible for healing but there should be more negative effects for ignoring the play mechanics then simply making the healers job hard and simply not fun.

Sure have these "fires" still cause damage but maybe the flames also reduce weapon damage by 30% for 30 seconds or something. I promise if this was in the game then every dps would do anything they could to avoid the avoidable damage.

Just a thought, not trying to bash dps but until something like this is implemented players will always point the finger at healers.
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53 Draenei Hunter
12/11/2010 6:03 AMPosted by Vaelk
if a dps dont move- then they can die, 90% of dps I see atm are CCing, moving out of fire etc,

1. check if ppl know the fight/
2. if they dont know, than explain it.

QQing about 10% of the player base is fraking stupid

I've tried to explain the boss fights I knew or had looked up, to those that were new to the instance. It almost always went like this:

Me: everyone know the fight?
DPS: no how do u do this?
Me: k this bo--
*tank or some DPS charges in*
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2 Tauren Shaman
I agree and I think this is a great idea. Currently, it's the healer's fight if the DPS (or tank dies) regardless if they were standing in fire or not. The only thing that will get DPS attention enough to move out of the fire is if their precious DPS will be affected by it. I know plenty of DPS that refuse to move bc it will hurt their DPS.

Well just make it so it hurts their DPS way more if they stay in the fire. Blizzard will never do this bc they enjoy putting all the pressure on the healers' back it seems.

Did your group wipe? Tell the healer to L2P or kick him. OBviously he/she should be healing through your unecessasry / avoidable damage, and if not, then they aren't doing their job right?

Also. When we are out of combat, your health is YOUR responsiliblity. I replenish my health by using water, usually water that I had to purchase. I shouldnt have to spend extra to restore your health bar just because youre too lazy to eat.

Even if a mage table is placed, classes with mana shouldn't be the only classes taking them. Grab some biscuits and restore your health the polite way, instead of expecting heals to do it.

/end rant
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90 Undead Death Knight
not entirly off topic but if you can't dps (or tank) AND move then you have NO idea how to play WoW. I'd pay to fight some of these people in a duel. I can pull 10-12k (no, OUTside of icc) while hopping around like an idiot because I pvp a fair bit, and that requires you to do so. And to the healers, much love, some of my bestys are healers and i have to hear them complain about their mana in vent all the time
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85 Worgen Druid
The other night I was trying to heal Heroic Deadmines and the hunter in our group said in vent, "Yes! I was able to bandage!". I wanted to reach through my mic and hug him. Good DPS are out there, but the odds of finding them in the Dungeon Finder are low, stick with guild runs & vent and things are so much better!
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29 Human Priest
I've never understood why people don't keep tabs on their own health and seem to leave it to the healer to do so.

In the past when I've played a mage in a group. My first basic rule above all else is to stay alive and to do that I need to keep my health up. If I die it is my fault plain and simple.

I've only so far played lower level dungeons. So in some ways if the person behind the character is new to the game. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. But at the same time they need to learn that their first priority is their health and not how much damage they put out.
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