On behalf of the abused healers of WOTLK, we'd like to thank you for making healing challenging and more transparent in terms of 'skill'.

Let me start by saying that im one of those healers [and im sure some of you too] who have been constantly blamed for anyone and anything dying [even to fires] and it pisses me sad that ive had to put up with it for the longest time

But now, people are starting to realize that being epic geared in wotlk =/= good

I'm a casual person, never killed LK even on normals (couldn't even kill putricide for that matter) and one of those who get blamed for people dying [even if it was their fault]

thanks to the new boss mechanics, heroics now really make 'skill' transparent since bosses now have insta-gib mechanics that will show clearly who is bad and who dies to 'fire' and who isn't doing their job.

I really hope that the degree of difficulty we have now stays the same if not a tad bit harder. (since people will get geared eventually)

It really makes the game more fun that we can screen the bads from the guys who matter.

Once again, thank you :)