druid heals and what i would like to see

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i want the original tree of life back. not the graphic. the glyph is fine
slow move speed 20% of hots only WHILE IN ToL and nourish gotten rid of. regrowth to have the low but not so powerful hot that is long. and life bloom to be on unlimited targets with the end heal no longer stacking. hell bring back LB with the high mana cost and the 50% return of mana.

the thing that has always attracted me to druids is healing with hots. right now rejuv costs so much i hardly use it. regrowth costs so much and the hot doing so little heals for so little time makes it near useless for me.

now it seems what we must do is roll lifebloom on the tank waiting for omen procs so we can use a low healing regrowth or an average(seemingly to me healing touch) while trying to keep the tank topped off with nourish. i hate nourish... always have.

im all for harder content. wrath was a joke i didnt even bother trying to join a raid guild. i pugged king slayer. bugged 8 heroic bosses... rejuv and WG = win isnt how druids should be played. nor is getting some hots up and spamming nourish. what was regrowth even for during wrath. get the hot up and not use it again??

8k for an oh snap rejuv and swiftmend seems silly. thats 10% of my total mana.
if you want more direct heals atleast make them heal for more with the same mana cost and bring back down ranking.

since early BC i have not had any trouble with healing. it has been a challenge at times esp with later raid content (top 4 alli guild to down illidan and arch. i quit when sunwell came out i only wanted to see illidan) but i was always atleast top 2 in heals.

ok so we want dps to actually pay attention now. but not leaving any room for error to me is silly. the group taking heavy damage at the moment for me its heal the raid or heal the tank... maybe i need better gear for heroics. maybe we need to figure out which heroics are easier to get the gear needed for the later ones. but even then there must be some room for error. heroics are 5 people and since we have random heroics and pugging has been bought into the game in a large way there is always going to be some kind of error.

CC is back! yes. great. but 10x regrowth or HT and being oom... drinking every pull... spamming nourish bleh. rejuv costing so much i hardly even use it. at the moment all im doing is rolling LB on the tank WG when its up and using nourish until healing touch is needed or RG when omen procs. but even then im finding it very hard.

im so frustrated i have had to take a break from healing! 30 dollars for a faction change seems a huge waste now. leveling was great fun though!

anways origional tree come back! KEEP DRUIDS USING HOTS! REMOVE NOURISH make our heals cost more if u want. but atleast make them heal more! bring back down ranking. let us choose how much to heal.

that is all :)

any thoughts?
btw have played since vanilla. never have i been kicked from a raid or asked why im not healing well in a heroic. nor have i been told a run is not doable with my heals :(

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85 Troll Druid
pugged* 8 heroic bosses
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12/12/2010 1:40 AMPosted by Slappndabass
im so frustrated i have had to take a break from healing! 30 dollars for a faction change seems a huge waste now. leveling was great fun though!

that's wow for you
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85 Troll Druid
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