How do healing classes compare now?

85 Night Elf Druid
The dust has settled, cata is in full swing, I'm curious as to how the other healing classes are doing.

I played a resto shaman for all of BC and WOTLK, but decided to mix things up and leveled a resto druid for Cata. With all these changes though I almost wish I stuck with my shammy since I knew him down to the letter and could better cope with these mana issues in Cata.

Anyway, back in WOTLK pallies and disc priests and infinite mana and were pretty much physically impossible to go OOM with, how are they holding up now? Also druids used to be kings of AoE heals, is that still true? My druids in Cata can single target heal VERY well and not go OOM but once AoE starts I go OOM in seconds. I can't imagine this class is still the AoE champ, if it is raids are going to suck...
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85 Tauren Druid
Holy pallies-Cant regen mana fast enough for drawn out bosses (I.E. Siamat Heroic) their powerful heals just cost way too much and take too long to pump out.

Resto Druid-Does great until common group idiocy requires us to spend our entire mana pool on sub-par AoE healing.

Holy/Disc Priests- Well I'll edit this when I finally see a good one to know what they are doing wrong/right.

Resto Shaman- So far this is the only class I consistantly see dominating heals, they rarely need any mana assistance and a smart shaman can easily keep the tank/melee dps topped off without dropping below 40% mana during most large pulls.

Honestly all of the healing classes all run into the same problem much like the tanks do, we would be fine with our mana problems IF each pull and boss fight were performed 100% perfect. But as we all know random groups or just people in general cant handle complex boss strategies anymore so we all run out of mana healing the morons who cant stay out of the fire lest we get kicked for being "Bad".

Course this is just one un-experienced Druid's opinion but this also comes from a Paladin tank that has had many a failed heroic due to alot of these shortcomings, generally I find its the Pallies and priests that fail the most at heals right now.
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