i feel sorry for the pugs

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i played this game off and on since the original beta. first a priest back in classic, then a mage in the old pvp grind, quit during early BC and came back and played a priest again for wrath.

in all of those times, i never played solo/pugs, i only played when my friends played. when they quit i quit. we typically did 10 mans and would fill out 25 mans in wrath with people's arena teammates and alts of friends from other guilds and what not. and it was pretty fun, for the most part. we did all 10 man hard mode content on a timely basis and got some of the 25s when we could put a good enough 25 together. i didn't mind pugging people here and there as long as they were competent, nor did i mind pugging vault and that heroic daily every day even with the fresh 80s doing 1500 dps.

back in vanilla i pvp'd, and if anyone else around here pvp'd back then you know how broke you'd go if you were shooting for HWL/GM all day every day. at some point, you had to stop and go run 5 mans in a pug to make some damn money, cause the repairs and enchants would gradually clean you out. gold was more scarce in those days so it was a fact of life. and back then, i didn't mind pugging strat/scholo/BRS with fresh 60s in greens and quest blues. anyone in epic pvp gear wound up carrying those strat/scholo/BRS runs, but that was ok. i made my repair money and they got some loot.

but now, they can forget it. i doubt i'll see another pug. i'm all for 5 mans being more difficult, the classic/BC 5 mans were better, i agree. i remember fade kiting fireguard destroyers, and chain shackling pats in scholo while the group regen'd mana in combat, and mind control healing with dark iron medics, and pulling trash way around the corner so that we could use fear for CC. all of that was clever and fun at the time.

this new healing model isn't difficult in that way. if i use more than 3 buttons, i'm OOM or gonna be OOM in short order. so if a dps screws up, they're just gonna die, not a whole lot i can do about it, because i'm standing there like a helmet kid spamming a 2.5 second spell at a tank that replenishes exactly the amount of damage he just took, while the boss is taking 2.5 second swings at him.

thus there'll be no patience for pugs, i suspect i'm not the only one who'll never go on another one. and i suspect when the pug whine reaches epic proportions something will have to give. this isn't hard, and all of you people who seem to think you're good at this game for completing more 5 mans than the pugs can see the helmet kid point above. i press less buttons by half than i did in wrath, and so do you. there's nothing hard about it.

it's slow, tedious, and severely limited. and no, nerfing the 5 mans won't fix your problem, blizzard. i'm sure that's what you'll do first, that's always been the blizzard MO in the past. but you're going to have to wake up to the fact that you have made one of the three roles in the game infinitely less fun than it used to be, by over slowing it and over limiting it, and you're gonna have to own up to that mistake and rectify it pretty soon, lest those of us only logging in for our guilds' raids be the only ones in the game.
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They told us we had to use heals situationally, so they changed our heals, but all it did was make it so using anything but one heal caused us to OOM.

You're right, in wrath I did spam flash of light, it was quick and efficient, but when the time called I used holy light and it was more expensive. It wasn't SO expensive that using it caused us to oom so much.

If you don't wan't us to use a cheap heal spam model, don't make it so that our gear gives us enough mana to do that. Don't increase the gear so much between tiers. And by all means, don't neuter us.

I would love my @%*#@!@!* back.

Edit: balls.
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I severely doubt it.

For one we are still in the first week - things will get vastly easier as people gear up.

More importantly though - instances are still easier than they were in classic when pugging was widespread.

As for raids? Well wotlk was the first time raid pugging really became common and viable - I think it still will be in the future though.
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cool story bro
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I love healing.

Site hasn't updated.. lvl 85 shaman here.
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It's not PUGs. It's dungeon finder groups. The dungeon finder is great for content where you don't need the five mutes to communicate, where people can be too proud to CC without it hurting anyone, where everybody can deposit responsibility on the shoulders of four other people, and where you'll have forgotten each other's name when the group ends.

A decently organized PUG doesn't have to suffer from these defects.

I've never wanted the dungeon finder. I never liked it, even when the content WAS zergable and the only pain a group could inflict on you was verbal abuse. What I would have preferred instead would have been an LFG marketplace. Something's that's designed to facilitate the LFG process (and not something useless like the LFR browser). A place where people can post that they're LFG (including their roles, gear sets for either role, integrated with the equipment manager, experience with the content, etc.) or groups can post their LFM status, what they're looking for, what they're planning on doing, with an expected time frame and with an option for players to apply. Windows to easily talk to multiple applicants separately, etc.

(And yes, I know that sometimes you get exceptional players in dungeon finder groups. In fact, I had a couple such groups pretty recently. But you can't rely on it.)
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