Would u stop playing for the healing issue?

90 Tauren Shaman
heath pools have increased 10 fold and healing spells have...stayed the same ...THEY HEAL FOR THE SAME AMOUNT IF NOT LESS THEN WHEN WE WERE 80
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85 Goblin Shaman
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85 Tauren Druid
To answer the OP, I do enjoy the game more now. To summarize why I like it, my heals matter. I didn't enjoy Wrath healing because it didn't matter if I was mana efficient, it didn't matter who I put a heal on as long as every 1.00 seconds I was hitting rejuv or wild growth.

My heals matter, they generally are healing people, as opposed to people being topped off at all times and if 3 people lose 1K damage there is a good chance my rejuv will tick on one of them.

Sometimes on heroic ICC bosses I would just not cast, and see if it mattered. It didn't.

There was also a constant feeling for me of having too many healers, and when there were 3 druids I felt the need to spam rejuv and wild growth hard, even if it wasn't a matter of life or death, just to be higher on the healing meters. I didn't like that healers could win healing meters just because they spammed harder pointlessly. If I am casting a heal, it better be for a reason, or I get bored of the fact that I might as well not be there.

One other thing that I enjoy about healing now, though I don't find it necessary to enjoy being a healer, is getting to use different spells. In Burning Crusade I mostly hit lifebloom, but I was ok with this, because people were not at 100% health 100% of the time, so who I put my lifeblooms on actually mattered.

For me the key is that my heals matter, spam healing people who are at 100% health is not in any way fun to me.

In summary, I am definitely enjoying Cataclysm healing infinitely more than Wrath.

Edit: And as a followup to this, after reading more of other people's responses in the thread, they are saying that they do the same thing over and over in Cata. But I don't see how this is a problem for them now but not before. In wrath Druid= 5rejuv1wg, Pally=Holy light+holy shock+flash occasionally, Shaman=riptide+chainheal+earth shield, Disc=shield spam+pom+penance, and Holy Priest=actually a decently mix of spells.

And even for me, in Wrath healing was more of a rotation, whereas now you're only going to use the spell you need, and you are going to choose your target wisely. Before it felt like it didn't matter which person you stuck a spell on as long as you stuck to your highest hps rotation.

Also as a druid I feel that I get to use every single one of my spells. I would be happy with lifebloom + the odd rejuv and swiftmend and such in BC, because it mattered who I healed, and to a minor extent which spell I used. Now it's just icing on the the cake, because it really matters who I heal and what spell I use.
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85 Draenei Priest
At first the healing changes scared me, but the first dungeon I went oom in I realized disc priests actually needed spirit now (started healer in wrath) and fixed the problem by reforging all gear that already had mastery into spirit by sacrificing some haste/crit. On the rare occasion that I do go low mana now despite my damage absorbing bubbles I have rediscovered all the glorious cast a heal free, regain some mana abilities that I had since ignored. Often times I can keep everyone up to full health by bubbling, and using the two party healing spells I have without cd thus allowing mana regen to kick in. I like that I'm having to strategize instead of just spamming flash heal, and that I've been able to find more mana efficient ways to heal (smite vs heal). I don't like that penance is no longer the good emergency friend that he used to be and has been replaced by divine hymn on an 8 minute cd, and that I can no longer carry groups who make frequent mistakes like I was superman, but so long as the group follows direction we all stay at 80% or above sans some really extreme aoe boss fight damage followed by 9000 adds. My opinion might change as I progress further into dungeons and heroics and may not hold true for all healing classes but for now I'm still having fun and wouldn't dream of retiring my healer...unless I start getting people kicking me for being a priest over and over as some people have mentioned happening to them.
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85 Goblin Shaman
Ok let me repeat how the hell am i doing somthing wrong on a boss fight only person taking damage is the tank i have 3800 mana regin and im going oom keeping him 10 50% of his health answer me this.
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90 Orc Shaman
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Do more research and you'll find you should be using more than 1 slow casting spell.

Really? No you're wrong. You're a person who believes your amazing at healing, when in fact, you probably aren't.

Healing is not hard, i agree, but it is also not fun. Your skill as a healer has nothing to do with how well you do in an instance anymore.

So, tell me please, what other heals should i be using other than riptide/healing wave? I only have 2 other heals, healing surge, fast heal, heals barely more than healing wave at almost 3x the cost, and greater healing wave, super slow, and only truely useful on a tank. And if i use it more than 2/3 times in a fight, chances are high i will go oom.

So where the decision making? Tell me please, tell me how with the given tools i have, using anything other than riptide/healing wave, with a random ghw when a tank is in danger, fun? How is that even hard?

You aren't even considering Unleash Weapons or Earth Shock Talented mixed in with Riptide with Chain Heal on Riptided Target to get a Stronger heal (glyphed) for AoE Heals.

Same with Healing Rain which is a Mana drainer but mix in Unleash Power + Earth Shock Talented You get a stronger spell for 2k more mana.

Don't forget during periods where people aren't taking a lot of damage, you should cast Lightning Bolt to get any bit of Mana back.

AND THEN Mix in the various abilities??

As of now I have only done 1 Heroic (not even completed: Stonecore 2nd Boss Wiped) but even while learning, there were a ton of combos to use, i've had Honestly few wipes. Lots of Deaths but few wipes and it's beginning to decrease.

Why?? Gear is improving, I'm reforging and prioritizing elsewhere, using different set ups.

It is very difficult for a shaman with weak regen and mana draining spells. But you can get thru it..just need to start adapting through out the fight and asking the DPS to help with cleanses/avoiding as much dmg as possible/Interrupting same with the tank.
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