Why Instances Are The Way They Are

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There seems to be a lot of people not understanding why bosses are the way they are. I think we all agree that WotLK heroics were faceroll, even the ICC ones. So, we want something harder. We want mechanics which actually have to be followed or the group has a legitimate chance of wiping. It also makes for much more interesting boss fights, because otherwise it all boils down to beating on the boss until it dies. How do we do this?

Well first, we need a limiting factor. If it's speed of heals, we end up with the LK model of people either being dead or 100%, with no real in between. That leaves mana. However, there's two ways to do it. One is to make mana have a larger buffer for error, which let's call the BC model. The second is to make mana have a smaller buffer for error, which is the Cata model.

What are the tradeoffs? Well, the main one is length of boss fight. If you have a larger buffer for error, then you also need correspondingly long boss fights or groups can't accumulate enough "errors" to wipe. If you have a smaller buffer, bosses can have a lot less health and the fights shorter. If you noticed the typical heroic fight is actually relatively short timewise, this is the reason why. Considering most heroic fights now require the dps or the tank to deal with some taxing mechanic (like your tank dodging Ozruk for twice the amount of time?), it's reasonable to opt for the shorter fights. Also, caster mana isn't designed to hold up that long under certain conditions, such as aoeing for Corborus.

Additionally, if you're further down the regen curve your regen scales better and better with gear. Let's say for fight X, you need to spend 1k mana per second. You regen 500 mana per second. In order to double your longevity, you could bump up regen to 750. However, each point of regen past 750 is more valuable than each point above 500. A simple way to think about this is that if I add 250 regen to 500, I end up with 750 and double the longevity. If I add 250 to 750, I end up with 1000 which means mana never goes down. Since gear goes up ~13% per tier, the higher you set your initial bar the faster your regen resource becomes irrelevant. We saw this in BC (before anyone cites mana was a factor, it was but not nearly to the degree it was early on).

TL:DR - If you enjoyed the "BC Model," have no fear. After some more gear (definitely by next tier) you'll be right back to it. And as dps and tanks get used to the new paradigm I fully expect LFD to start thriving again.
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