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85 Human Priest
Hey guys!

I hit 85 awhile back, and I've been gearing up for a week or so now. As you can see, I'm not exactly decked with heroic gear, but it's not really terrible either. I do seem, however, to be hitting walls with certain bosses. They are bosses that, no matter how many times I attempt them, I just can't seem to beat. I was hoping some of you might be able to help me with them.

I can not express to you my rage in dealing with this boss. My basic strategy is maintaining the tank's health with Chakra: Heal, PoM, HW:Serenity, and renew. My trouble comes with add spawns. If another player has the adds, I can keep them up to a certain degree, but tend to ignore them once the tank starts suffering that massive spike damage that comes when he picks up the adds. Sometimes, I can't even heal through this without using GH to save my butt.

If I have adds, on the other hand, I'm forced to run in towards the tank, negating any sort of efficient healing that I'm doing at the time. Meanwhile, I'm never sure whether I should be healing myself, or trying to keep the tank's health from dropping to 0. Usually, I'll use binding heal here once and try to get out of there, but the waves of crocs that spawn seem almost never ending.

1st Boss of Grim Batol:
I don't know about this guy. He's not too bad at the start, but I feel like he really causes me a lot of trouble throughout the fight. That massive bleed that he puts on the tank is my biggest issue with the fight. It only goes away if you heal the tank to full, but the only way for me to do that would appear to be burning through my flash heal once or twice. This takes a significant portion of my mana away. Keep in mind that I'm still rotating PoM and HW: Serenity every time they are up.

Please gimme a bit of help here, guys. I'm really struggling with these two bosses.
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85 Troll Shaman
As a Shaman, I throw down a earthbind totem and then blow Spiritwalker's grace, which buys me some time to heal and run around at the same time. I cant speak up for your class specifically, but Im sure there are people here on the forums with suggestions that you can use :)

Any dps with add control abilities are of great use, rogues with the right talents can hit all the crocs with crippling quite easily for example.
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