Thinking of Transferring

85 Troll Mage
Hey All

Barthilas (amongst other servers, i'm assuming) has free character transfers, on Barth we're getting 1 hour queue times, sometimes more.

No one probably remembers me, Ebonheart was my DK, anywayz I'm probably going to return, hope the realm isn't as dead as it was when I left
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14 Troll Mage
The queues are there EVERY expansion. They go away after the initial month or so. If you feel that this is worth a server transfer then by all means. But please stay on Barthilas if you're going to end up like one of those idiots who do nothing but sit in trade and complain about how barren the server is, how much it sucks, but refuse to pay for a transfer. Think hard about it, it's free to move here, but it'll cost you to move back. How much are you leaving behind?

I wouldn't say that Gundrak is dead. It's low-mid pop at this rate and we'll probably see a small increase in population due to free transfers. In a month or two, after the initial expansion hype dies off, we can probably expect a sharp drop in regular log ins on all servers, which means this server will probably be once again what you'd call 'dead'.

Then again, I'd say a server dies when trade chat becomes illegible. It's the reason I personally moved from a high pop realm to Gundrak.

Welcome back nonetheless.
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18 Undead Warlock
Well put. I like Gundrak how it is. I'd rather not have the transfers here if all they'll do is moan and complain. Oh wait, this is WoW. The place where people come because their real life sucks!
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85 Night Elf Priest
I remember Ebonheart. Unfortunately.

I hope you've matured after that unfortunate fiasco after the Sarth 3 drakes attempt.
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