Why am I not seeing any paladin mana QQ?

85 Goblin Priest
So ive seen mass QQ threads from everyone except the paladin healers, whats going on hmm?
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85 Dwarf Paladin
its there you just have to look for it, and 9 times out of 10 its just some random dip*##* who has no clue what cognitive thinking is and is not trying to heal efficiently.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Really once you find a good rhythm with healing and get the most out of your spells, it's actually really fun to see how efficient you can be. That said, when @##% hits the fan i can heal for all of ten seconds before i'm dry.
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85 Human Paladin
Healers run out of mana in content they barely meet the minimum requirements of? Quite a shocking predicament indeed.

I've been healing my first heroic dungeons today as my Holy Paladin, and I'll have great mana efficiency if I'm paired with a group that knows how to properly crowd control and obey boss mechanics. When things get hazy and more damage is thrown at the group than what should normally occur, I'm no less susceptible of running out of mana than any other healer in the game. Even when the party plays nigh-flawlessly on certain encounters, such as General Umbriss, I'll still be straining my mana quite heavily. The first time I downed him, I only had 8% mana remaining.

With the introduction of Word of Glory and Light of Dawn, I'm sure that Holy Paladins have an advantage with mana efficiency over other healers, but not nearly to the excessive degree that others try to make it out to be. A Holy Paladin who plays poorly won't be able to clear content just because of a few unique abilities--he/she will still run out of mana very quickly and cause the group to wipe. Plain and simple.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
For what it's worth - here is my experience healing on my holy pally. I tried to be thorough so you could compare my experience against your class. I have reforged my gear to get a good (well, decent) amount of spirit.

Tonight I healed Throne of Tides and Blackrock Caverns for the first time. Our runs were guild only.

ToT makeup was a warrior (82) tank, me, 80 shadow priest, 82 hunter and 82 boomkin.
I used holy shock on CD, LoD or WoG with 3 holy power and holy light on the beaconed tank. Flash of Light was used as needed for quick heals. Divine Light was used sparingly. I moved around a lot, and tank was great about marking and asking for CC. We had a few "oops" wipes, but otherwise all was smooth. I only healed dps standing in bad stuff when I had mana and time to spare - they learned quickly to move away. While mana felt a little tight - it was not nearly as bad as I had been afraid of. My mana pool was at around 39,400.

BRC makeup was the same except we had an 85 paladin tank. Used the same spells in the same way. Paladin of course took less damage - but as far as the dps it was about the same. I had a few times when I felt that mana could be an issue - but it turned out okay. I don't know what it is about fire damage - but people (including me) seem to have a harder time avoiding it than any other kind (lol).

I thought the fights felt about right for normal leveling dungeons. They had some tricky mechanics (squid heads and column of fire come to mind), but once you knew what to do it wasn't hard.

Managing mana felt very similar to me as when I first started running Northrend dungeons. Some fights used almost all of my mana and some only used about half. I had to keep an eye on both my mana bar and the boss's health to be comfortable. I made a real effort not to throw a heal unless it was truly necessary - so that could be why it wasn't a real problem. I haven't played any other healing class in cata to make a comparison. I drank after every pull just to be on the safe side - but that's what I always do, so I'm not sure if I really needed to or not.

I enjoyed myself. So far I like the new healing model but I know it gets harder from now on.

I hope this info helps =).
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Checking the paladin forums, I see two threads about mana complaints in the top 5.


Obviously, the plural of anecdote is not data. Let's break down the mana situation a bit:

For the most part, the standard heals (small+slow, medium+fast, big+slow) have comparable HPM across all specs (a resto shaman's Greater Healing Wave was an exception last I checked and was significantly weaker, maybe because of Tidal Waves).

All specs get a base in combat mana regen as a fraction of their base mana, regardless of spirit. All specs also get in combat mana regen based on their spirit and intellect, which grows linearly with spirit and with the square root of intellect. On top of that, there are raid buffs such as Replenishment and Blessing of Might (as well as intellect buffs which affect mana regen indirectly).

On top of that, each spec has separate additional mana efficiency mechanics.

Holy Priests regenerate 40% more mana in combat from spirit than other classes (the tooltip says 20%, but that takes the 50% reduced in combat regen to 70%, which would take, e.g. 1000 mp5 to 1400 mp5, i.e. 40% more). There's also Surge of Light, which can give you free Flash Heals after casting Heal, but the jury is still out on whether that's worth taking because of its low proc rate.

Discipline Priests get Rapture when their shield is absorbed, given them 2.5% of max mana. This is on a 12 second internal cooldown.

Druids have Revitalize, which gives them a 20% chance to regenerate 2% of their max mana when Rejuvenation or Lifebloom ticks; this is on a 12 second internal cooldown. In addition, casting Lifebloom grants Replenishment (which won't matter in a raid, but may make a difference in a 5-player dungeon compared to other healers who don't have that additional regeneration).

Shamans have Improved Water Shield, where critical heals can restore mana (look up the talent for the exact numbers). Also, if specced into Telluric Currents, they can generate a small amount of additional mana from casting Lightning Bolt (if the fight permits that).

Paladins regenerate 15% of base mana when judging Seal of Insight. Judgement itself costs 5% of base mana, so that's a net 10% of base mana. Seal of Insight judgements do not scale with gear, though, because they restore a fraction of base mana, not total mana. Thus, a paladin primarily does not rely on a mana restoration mechanic like other specs, but on occasionally getting mana-free heals. This she does by casting Word of Glory or Light of Dawn, which are mana-free heals, but require holy power. This is limited by the amount of Holy Power one can generate.

Is mana usage balanced right now? I have no idea, I don't have ANY of my healers at level 85 yet, and the level 80-82 range is just not a good predictor. We'll need actual level 85 parses to compare.
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85 Tauren Paladin
Doing some runs with friends for me it comes down to a few easy questions if I have mana problems:

Is the tank undergeared?
Am I undergeared?
Was there no CC?

If I answer yes to any of these questions, I know what the problem is.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Holy Pallies synergize the best with an offhealer because they can skate by with almost no mana usage if someone takes off a chunk of their healing load temporarily. Other than that, I really don't see much more if any efficiency than other healers (in pve).
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