Healing Heroic Blackrock Caverns

85 Draenei Paladin
so 10-15 hours ago , me and 4 other guildies had hit 85, we were all in just quest gear with a dash of normal dungeon pieces ( 1 or 2), and tonight we decided "lets just try heroic BRC anyway"

so i was heals and we had a warrior tank. we went in there not knowing any of the fights except for how they were on normal, but we learned them. and ended up killing every boss but beauty ( im sure we were not doing it right but the tank dmg on that fight is just UNGODLY high with the gear we had so we skipped her )

and basically the 3rd boss ( the one you have to drag through the lava to melt his armor ) was the most difficult, we wiped about 10 times total on him before we killed him. last and 2nd boss we one shotted, first boss we 3 shotted.

and overall i had a great time. as i healer i have really never felt so challenged by what a lot of people would call "trivial" content these days, and by that i mean people saying heroics are boring and meaningless.

i was going oom very often and my divine light was barely strong enough to heal our tank for even 15% of his health at least ( i only have 5k spell power right now )

if i had ONE complaint right now , its not that im going oom too fast, its that im spending too much mana using a heal that should heal a tank for more then it does right now.

maybe it will scale better down the road, but the fact that my most expensive strongest heal has to be used 4-5 times on the tank during periods of heavy dmg to heal him to full is just an EXTREME DRAIN

and yes im aware of holy power and i use that to its fullest potential , but sometimes building up the 3 holy power for a good word of glory just doesn't come fast enough and your stuck spamming divine light on the beaconed tank so you can get that holy power as fast as possible and still keep him up.

maybe that's just part of the challenge idk, but that's really my only complaint

other then that, healing right now is CRAZY fun. very nice work overall blizzard

and my clutches of dying light feel much more earned after actually having to try in a heroic :D
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85 Draenei Priest
I'm noticing that healing is fun with a good group and a complete nightmare with a bad one. I oom halfway through trash pulls with a stupid tank and still can't keep them up sometimes. Then with a good group I can go entire pulls casting nothing but my cheap heal. Strange.
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