I just spent hours upon hours wiping

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Part of it might be the way tanks are playing too. It seems that Blizz wants us to go back to playing like we did in TBC with CC. People are still pulling an entire group though like we did in WotLK, and thus the group is taking more damage than intended and causing the healer to go OOM.
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on the contrary please DO NOT nerf the dungeons actually DO NOT pull that BS you pulled in wrath where every new tier of content meant that you were going to be handing out the last tier like candy... in a year and a half from now a new 85 should have to climb up every tier of content (like in TBC) not skip to the highest tier.
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I healed my first heroic (Lost City) last night and here is the story...

1st attempt on trash - Epic wipe, the tank died instantly. No possibly way to heal them.

2nd attempt on trash - We used CC from a druid and a warlock to contain two of the mobs and I barely had to heal the tank at all.

1st and 3rd boss/1st attempt - I ran out of mana, everyone died.

1st and 3rd boss/2nd attempt - The DPS realized that standing in places and taking damage was too hard on the healer so they started avoiding damage and I had half of my mana bar when the boss died.

This expansion is about people actually playing smart. Especially the DPS. The first thing they need to be saying when taking damage is. What is causing this damage and is it avoidable. Thats how you play the game. In the days of WOTLK, if it didn't kill you instantly, you stood in it. Thank god those days are over.

If your running out of mana and wiping endlessly, don't blame the designers, blame the group. I am healing heroics just fine, so don't claim it to be impossible.
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Because heroics are the end game content, right?

Oh wait, those are raids. Let the raids take several hours and require flawless playing. Heroics have no business being wipefests.

They shouldn't be like Wrath heroics which were loot pinatas, though. There just needs to be some room for mistakes.

don't worry heroics won't take several hours for skilled players, this way teaches you that you can't be carried by me anymore

I won't be carried by YOU?

I AM a healer, dude, and I've never been carried by anyone (except in the very very beginning of BC, but shhhhh).
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12/09/2010 12:16 PMPosted by Saykes
Healing is the way the game punishes the group for failing on mechanics, its not that everything but healing is still easy, its that the game punishes you via your healing.

For example if DPS doesn't do what it needs to do to avoid agro and damage, the healer has to spend more mana, goes oom, and the group wipes. This isn't because healing is harder, its because the DPS failed the mechanics.

Your healer's mana is the buffer the group has for messing up encounters. The more you mess up, the more mana is need, and once its gone, your dead. Its not about healing being nerfed, its about it being more linked to group performance.

I think you hit the nail on the head with this post. DPS need to stop mashing buttons and "accidently" pulling aggro and expecting healers to be able to keep up.
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