Spriest lvl 85, Studied... Dps = Messed up!

85 Troll Priest
Alright, so I just hit 85! I'm stoked!! 4-6 hours per level Woot! No more irritating experience bar to look at!... I've got a 325 average item level 5k SP I'm ready to do dungeons! (I'm hoping people will give me some feedback and hopefully if we have enough comments about Spriest's there will be a change some place, either in mana costs or damage buffs.)

Then it got really depressing that euphoria I had from just hitting 85 is gone... I'm getting out dps'd by a lvl 83 shaman, and 84 fury warrior doing around the same dps as me. I also realized when I hit 85 from 84, my dots mana cost went up the LOAD even during regular dungeon boss fights I'm draining mana, and popping pet w/ archangel. w/ 68k mana and about 5k mana per do. I'm not too sure how blizzard expect Spriest's to handle the 7+ minute raid encounters...

I've also realized some of our skills arn't scaling with level gains, my flash heal does 10k normal, 15k crit. My PW:Shield absorbs 6k dmg... That's less than 1 hit vs. cata mobs/spells they go right through it.(Lvling took 4-6 hours per, some ppl hit 85 in 14 hours or less). Also I'd like to point out when I got this priest to 80 I got my 4p t10 and all the gear I could buy with justice points, had about 3300 SP not nearly as much as priest's doing 25 HM ICC / 25 RS Normal/HM I'm pretty sure they arn't feeling that buffed from 25 ICC HM gear to 333-346 blues.Now that I've got 5k SP my flash heals are still the same, my dots cost 3 almost 4x the mana cost in wotlk, and do 1.25-2x the dmg.(I think this was my main problem while lvling up flash heals cost 4k-5k? mana and I need 5-8 just to get back up my HP,mobs hitting me for 3-7k dmg per hit, I'm also glyph for Inner fire increasing armor gained from Inner fire by 50%(13522 armor at 85 34.15% reduce physical dmg) I could only pull 3 mobs max anymore would destroy my mana.

I'm not trying to QQ or whine about classes of course w/ every patch and Xpac they're gonna be weaknesses and nerfs/bugs in classes and all around, but I want to bring it to blizzard's attention though, and if any1 is having the same problems you arn't the only 1, leave feedback , experience, and anything you'd like to add about Spriest's in this topic if you will.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I had the experience of checking out an spriest while in Beta, and I was originally concerned about the mana issue as well.

I don't think it's going to be as bad as you think dpsing raids. Your mana returning cooldowns need to be used on cooldown (probably not dispersion though—but fiend, dark archangel, and you have the masochism talent maxed out so that you will get that 10% return from SW:Death).

I dps'ed a target dummy for 10 minutes without using dispersion and never went oom (and didn't kill myself from SW:Deaths, even with the VE nerf :P ). Of course raid situations will be different from target dummy practice, but I think it's okay for pve.

Pvp mana issues are a different story.
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85 Night Elf Druid
First of all you won't go in a raid in greens and blues. Think about that.

How much mana are you missing just from missing gems from regular dungeon blues vs raid gear? Or even H dungeon gear?
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