DPS Not Understanding Cata Healers (tanks too

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I go oom sometimes.

I don't mind it really. I am a caster and, unlike wrath, I don't have unlimited mana anymore.

This means sometimes I have to drink, especially if people are doing silly things during a fight and not CC'ing, interrupting spells, or getting out of the fire.

The above stuff isn't really new. Us healers have been complaining about this stuff for a long time, but now it makes us go oom when people do these things consistently on each pull.

At the start of instances now, I've been reminding people of how much mana I have (67,976 mana) then I tell them how much my spam heal costs (6.6k or whatever) and to use CC accordingly or I'll oom.

Surprisingly, they've been listening. :D

Seems the runs I do without mentioning that become a huge aoe fest of sloppiness!

Maybe throwing a quick little reminder at the start of instance runs with pugs will help people appreciate the mana we have (unlike wrath, where everybody kind of just did their own thing, since mana wasn't really an issue).

Just an idea.

A little unrelated below, but...

For my two CP, I LOVE Cata healing!

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First, I love healing too. I haven't had this much fun since vanilla and using down ranked heals.

Secondly, I think DPS are starting to get a bit smarter. I'm starting to worry more about tanks now though. Something about having 100K+ health makes them think they're indestructible. I'm still having to chase after tanks while they chain pull and/or pull multiple groups and/or run off to pull another with 2-3 mobs left with 20% health for the "dps to finish off."

**News Flash Tanks** Wrath is over

However, I think it's starting to sink in the DPSer's heads that mana is a limited resource because when I stop to drink they do to or hover around me while a tank runs off only to drop to 25% and come running back with 10 mobs chasing him yelling "WHERE ARE MY HEALS?!?!"

WoW like life will always have idiots.

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Tanks tend to improve stamina over anything else these days, just because of the big number on their nameplates. If we had a mitigation score under the health and [mana, runic points, rage] bars, things would be different, but as it is, the masses believe that the greater a tank's health, the better he will perform. Add this to the new healing mechanics and do the math.

Of course, we healers will be blamed anyway and be promptly kicked when the wipe happens.
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