Healing challenges, oh how I love it

85 Troll Shaman
So far at my current level of 83, Ive run several random dungeons, and all of the healers usually need to drink up after 2 or 3 pulls... not to mention the ludicrous amounts of overhealing that they did. Last night our normal guild healer wanted to go moonkin, so I offered to go resto and try out healing for the first time.

I managed to spam healing wave and get through the instance just fine. Popped cooldowns when I had to, used healing surge when the *@!! hit the fan. But for the most part, I healed the tank exclusively and the dps when I *had* to. If the ret paladin or feral druid were a bit injured, i let them stay that way. As long as nothing went horribly wrong, no one died. On the last boss of Stonecore, the DK tank managed to get more overhealing than me and I never ran low on mana /flex

My understanding is it gets harder 83-85, and heroics are a different animal entirely. Im looking forward to the challenges... or switching to elemental :P
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85 Troll Shaman
Run an 84-85 instance.. then you will come back and QQ.
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85 Goblin Priest
I agree. Healing so far has been a great improvement. Now instead of half paying attention while I watch tv at the same time I'm actually engaged in the fight. It's more difficult and constantly managing my mana is a chore.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I healed a mage through tanking the last boss in stonecore after I fubared a tank heal early on in the fight. It was epic. I was so oom my childrens children will still be oom lol
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