Triage, huh?

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First off, I know things will get easier. And admittedly, I'm in just about the minimum gear for heroics, as is most everyone I group with. But we are good players: the tanks use CDs appropriately, the DPS don't stand in fire (much), and I make pretty good use of all my healing tools.

But that said, I no longer feel like a HEALER in cata. In most heroic boss fights I don't feel like I can keep my groupmates alive. Instead what I feel is that I am only postponing their inevitable deaths.

The new healing is fun; I like it. But it's also frustrating, very frustrating, to know 25% of the way into a fight that we are going to lose because I'm going to go oom too early... to know that the tank yelling "I need big heals!" in vent can only get the attention he wants if I'm willing to let a DPS or two die... etc.

But back to the subject line. I guess cata healing IS about triage. We do need to prioritize what heals to use and who to use them on, balancing our mana with each group member's hit points.

But what they did NOT tell us was that we are basically doctors trying to treat cancer patients by administering advil and lots of fluids, because our gamma knife and fancy chemo drugs aren't going to be delivered for another 2 weeks.
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First off, I'd just like to say your dwarf is ugly as hell.

Second, you admitted the major problem in your very first paragraph--you're just above the minimum gear level required for heroic dungeons. This does not mean that you'll be able to clear every fight while still holding onto a large chunk of your mana pool. Just like how you're just able to do these dungeons by meeting the minimum requirements, you should only expect minimal efficiency and success when running the harder content.

Many fights are very strict and unforgiving towards players who do not obey the mechanics of it. Perfect and popular example is Ozruk; if the tank and DPS are smart and avoid the Ground Slam/Shatters, people reflecting damage back via Elementium Bulwark to offset the Paralysis, etc. the encounter can be extremely easy on the healer. If the tank or DPS are constantly getting smacked around by Shatter and you keep wasting mana dispelling Paralysis off of people, then you're going to run out of mana before the boss gets even close to dying. Many people might not be in favor of their performance being linked to the competence of their allies, but this game thrives upon group play and is a requirement for any progression content.

To be fair, some fights might be far too straining on a group, despite how flawless said group may function--General Umbriss comes to mind--but that's to be expected within the few first days of the expansion's launch, and it wasn't any different from the first heroic dungeons in Wrath of the Lich King (painful memories of Loken arise). Nevertheless, give Blizzard time to tweak the game further. If there really is an issue with healing, it will be acknowledged, but they have no relevant or useful data as of now considering the majority of the player base isn't even level-capped yet, let alone clearing all heroic dungeons in the game.
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