Mana costs, a plea

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Now yes, I just hit 85, and I did the responsible thing. I continued with regulars.

I know this is a well known 'phenomenon' but as it stands, healers get worse as they level, now this is because most of us, as a whole, were in 251-277+ but let's call the average 264. If we assume we had 20% haste and 30% crit (some healers would have more or less, I know).. Our mana costs were also pretty decent.

The problem is, I'd rather be healing these dungeons back on 82, or 4.0 80 or especially 3.3.5 80 and I am 100% certain that my level 80 self could dominate these dungeons where my 85 is struggling.

The Holy trinity of heals model is terrible. Damage still happens fast sometimes, to the group and you're just struggling. Flash Heal and the like makes you cringe.. Using it is saying goodbye to 7% of my mana. It's very binary, either you do it right or you wipe... Sometimes the whole group will step up and pull it off, the ret pally might bubble / hosac the tank, someone might hoprot the healer. The boomkin or shadowpriest might break form and start healing too, the dk dps might taunt a few mobs to buy the tank a breather (not suggesting this but it has saved lives every now and then).

The problem is most players don't think that fast. I can tell because of what I do hear at the end of instances and have heard for a long time "Wow Whynot, great healing. Had a string of fail healers lately." or "Thanks for the HoProt Wutnot. Saved my behind."

These are dungeons. These are not hardmode raids, a little room for error would be nice.

Most people, heck most healers will not understand how they get worse as they level. It is fine that our crit and haste go down, that's to be expected, and obviously needed but people aren't going to understand why we get weaker as we level. I've not seen it but my friend has been told "I've seen 81s do this better than you (84). You're terrible.".

Dispel Magic etc costs

I'm speechless. I have 70k mana and these 3k costs are killing me. I know I know you intended this but I mean this more than anything else in this post when the debuffs kill people, you have to dispel, but you cringe when 5%~ of your mana is gone. That 5% mana could have better uses.

DIsc The fun is gone.

I'm not a bubble bot, I wasn't in wrath. Yes there were some times that bubbling was the smartest thing you could do, most famously any mode of LK, but that was a flaw in encounter design, but more often I try to straight heal. But my shields, with fresh 85 mastery / spellpower absorb like 10% of my health.. many mobs one shot my 10010 shield on a tank, let alone a clothie etc. Using bubbles properly was a fun aspect of the class.

Now I do love one thing. I love the way Inner Focus / ToT is working, it works so well with PoH. It wouldn't be fair to write this post and not thank you for that design.

Here's the thing.. Some people play tanks becomes they like being The Boss, the dude in charge.. Some are arrogant ... jerks. I had a tank today that would not stop for my mana for any reason. I told him to go to hell and left group.

Some people play tanks and healers to be the protector, because they're confident in what they do.. I'm one of those people, it's why I have 3 healers and 2 tanks. This is me and many of the people I know. They like to cover for people's mistakes in trivial content but this binary mode of near perfection or wipe is just terrible.

This post is not as well formed as I'd hoped. I'm kind of speechless.

tldr: It's just a game. Make it fun again.
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I will agree the dispel mana is extremely high and if I can, I will leave the debuff on some of the DPS. I have been trying to integrate the smite heal as it supposed to give back mana. I have also been using pain suppression-barrier combo for tough pulls. I think we will actually have to use Heal more than flash heal, as I personally still believe its useless as is. Some of these spells, I wish were stronger since they are taking so much mana, but we have to deal with the cards we are dealt.

All I can say is try to make the best of it.
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I don't have any problem with expensive heals that require thought before you use them.

But when the time calls, and it IS appropriate to use them, they should be worth it!

To have our "powerful" spells be so expensive yet end up being weak at the same time makes no sense to me.

I agree 100%, this is the biggest problem I have with the new system. It was like this in BC and I really enjoyed it. Play smart and you always had mana for the big heals when you needed them, but if you used them when you didn't need them, you'd be OOM before the boss was dead.
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Some great responses in this thread. Thanks for not trolling.

I particularly liked this one, I'm bolding and numbering the parts I want to respond to, but I think I agreed with the whole thing.

12/09/2010 11:15 PMPosted by Gotnorice
I don't have any problem with expensive heals that require thought before you use them.

1. But when the time calls, and it IS appropriate to use them, they should be worth it!

To have our "powerful" spells be so expensive yet end up being weak at the same time makes no sense to me.

2. And I agree about dispel costs being way too high, especially when you are often required to dispel multiple times to remove a stack and/or the mob simply reapplies it almost instantly.

It just seems like the game right now isn't pug friendly anymore. In wrath even when I didn't need the emblems or the gear or anything I would still do my heroic every day (sometimes multiple runs) just because it was fun to meet and play with new people. But you're never going to get a perfect group using the dungeon finder, and if you can't carry at least some mistakes it just turns it into a nightmare blame fest.

In wrath people most often than not actually appreciated a good healer.

In Cata now, even if the healer is doing their job it still feels like they are slowing the group down like a boat anchor. A healer is lucky just to have a group that tolerates them, never-mind appreciates them.

1. That's it. I feel much weaker than I did at 80. Much weaker than I did at 79. Yeah I'd go far as to say a 3.3.5 79 could outheal a fresh 85. Something is wrong. I feel like I'm only using Flash Heal to get a cast off now, but the spell doesn't actually profit me anything. I never feel like it was a good choice, only a necessity.

2. The dispel model is just terrible. Like has been said, many mobs just reapply the debuff. And honestly, let me say this. The hundreds of times I did each wrath heroic, I still don't know every debuff in there. I dispelled because a member needed a dispel. Am I supposed to highlight the player and read the description? I'll admit I'm having trouble memorizing all boss mechanics, so I'm taking them two at a time and cementing in the routine by experience. And then heroic mode tweaks the mechanics some.

Mass Dispel is expensive, but it always was and should be. I'm not objecting to healing being harder. I'm objecting to this approach to it and I'm objecting to the fact that I pulling out all the stops, I just can't save some pulls that should be that terrible.

One last thing I forgot. Blizzard, please please update shackle undead. Make it a shackle on any non player, PLEASE. Give us a glyph to make it like work on any non-player but 15s or 30s cd. I want to help cc but I can't. MC? lol. Psychic Scream? LOL.


Edit: I apologize, the 79 bit was a little much probably.
Edited by Whynot on 12/10/2010 12:10 AM PST
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