Mind Sear was fun; can I have a real AOE now?

85 Blood Elf Death Knight
*Death Knight wanders into thread, giggles at the silly casters, walks back out.*

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85 Goblin Priest

Re-design mind sear because after seeing my friend who is a fire mage tear it up with almost 20k dps (and he was lvl 82 while i'm 85 ready for heroics) aoe and seeing my mind sear spells, or even my attempts at dotting all targets do 5k dps aoe, i think i give up -_-

even the death knight or paladin TANK was doing more aoe damage than me man, and I've tried EVERYTHING... Literally.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I have a shadow priest alt and I pretty much run her through the dungeon daily. With that said... what's the purpose of keeping Mind Sear in the game? The damage it does is so low that TAB + dotting nets a much higher DPS. Mind Sear isn't really just nerfed, it's useless.
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85 Goblin Priest
Have a talent or glyph that, like the warrior talent "blood and thunder" in t1 prot tree, spreads our sw:p when we mind sear a target that has the dot.

edit: "our"
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85 Goblin Priest
It's ridiculous holy nove do more damage than mind sear. As already said, no talent, no glyph nothing. We cant dot all the pull AOE because we dont have enought mana for that.
I would like a good feedback on this blizzard.
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90 Undead Priest
12/10/2010 3:59 PMPosted by Fionvar
I got yelled at last night by a Holy Priest in Halls of Origination for using Holy Nova. She told me that SW:P was now the go to SP AOE spell :P

She was half-right. Run in circles while tab-doting SW:P, then run around in circles spamming Holy Nova.

As for Mind Sear, it's bad enough to take off your action bar.

Edit: Running in circles is key
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90 Worgen Mage
I have to admit that I'm liking AOE as a fire mage. So many ways to AOE:

Blast Wave
Dragon's Breath
Living Bomb
Cone of Cold
Ring of Frost

All of them are useful and all of them are instant cast. I'm debating adjusting my spec for Impact which would add yet another component to fire's AOE.

Too bad more specs and classes don't have so many fun ways to AOE. I think with Mind Sear the problem the original poster may have is with strategy. Yes it ends if the target dies too soon. Don't target the nearest mob of the pack. Always pick one at the back that will hopefully last longer. Also if there is an elite mob in the middle of a bunch of non-elites, always target the elite since it will outlive the rest.
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85 Night Elf Druid
12/10/2010 9:39 AMPosted by Crinx
To clarify, unlike conventional AOE spells which target the ground and continue to damage that spot over time (like Earthquake, Magma Totem, Rean of Fire, Blizzard, or Explosive Trap), Mind Sear is instead attached to a target enemy and channeled over time. If the target dies, the AOE will end, and because AOE targets tend to not have a lot of health and are usually the focus of your group's DPS, the particular one you target may not live very long, forcing you to recast Mind Sear repeatedly while possibly doing zero damage the whole time while Blizzard continues to fall and damage all targets.

This assumes, of course, that all the mobs politely stand together in one area.

If a fight where you need to AOE a group that is moving, Mind Sear is invaulable, while its the mage who needs to keep recasting Blizzard over and over again, trying to guess where his targets will be when he starts channeling.
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85 Human Priest
(ignoring the low damage output of Mind Sear, which is too low)

Mind Sear is a great spell in it's current mechanics, especially when CC is an important part of dungeons. Try using it on a CC'ed target. That target shouldn't be getting killed to quick (unless your group is poor). How many other AOE spells won't knock a CC off?

Also, Drelnu makes a great point. It follows the pack. I've found it invaluable because of that (until the nerf).
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85 Undead Priest
The targeting mechanic is different, but workable. I can't stand that it does less damage than my wand. I just start cannibalizing the first thing to die in aoe packs rather than trying.
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90 Gnome Priest
The only fight where I find mind sear to be absolute garbage is Corborus. Did a guild random heroic the other night and our dps was myself, enhancement shaman, and a feral druid. We did fine in every other instance but I could not handle the Corborus crystal adds. Mind sear did entirely too little damage to the crystals and became useless as they all floated off to their random targets. My sear only ticks for about 1.1k and on adds like the crystal spawns, I just could not aoe them down before they floated off and started to get close to people.

As much as I loved mind sear in Wotlk for it being completely unique and for vile spirits on LK, it can almost be dropped off the bar. We need a serious aoe like maybe replacing sear for a targeted shadow crash type volley spell which we've already seen used by the faceless ones constantly or maybe even work like flamestrike. Both would be much more effective for the situations it is needed.

a) Useless on moving adds that NEED fast aoe like Corborus.
b) Mana cost tad high which deters its usage even when needed to use.
c) Too little damage compared to what other casters and even death knights can pump out.
d) Holy nova out damaging our signature shadow aoe is depressing to say the least.
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83 Human Warlock
Leveling an alt SPriest, she is 74 now. It was funny, because the Pally tank noticed how much DPS but how little damage she was doing. He asked what AoE a Priest has. I looked at Mind Sear, said nothing. Thought about Holy Nova, said nothing. Then I said...

...spam SW:P and run around - run around. Spam SW:P and run around!

Okay, so when I did the search for Mind Sear - it was because I wanted to search before asking a question:

How many mobs do there need to be before it becomes useful? Anything short of five or more appears to be a waste compared to doing something else.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Mind Sear now reflects 50% of the dmg your target takes from your periodic shadow effects to nearby enemies while channeling. (In addition to the crappy base of 700)
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92 Undead Warlock
12/10/2010 8:19 PMPosted by Matuk
At least you don't have Fire Nova.

You have chain lightning and magma totem to fall back on, and elemental has earthquake ontop of all that.

Shaman are pretty solid for aoe imo, you may have a different mechanic for dealing that aoe damage but you guys are still better at it than a spriest is.
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85 Troll Druid
Play a DPS class if you want AoE. That's how I look at it.

Hybrids should never be able to come close, but then people would complain.

That's pretty dumb, hey guys lets make 10 or so hybrid dps specs, but lets make them really bad!

Yeah outplay them at the character creation screen like vanilla wow!
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100 Draenei Shaman
I'd give you Earthquake if I could. My guild's Druid tank's AoE hits as hard as my Earthquake crits for.
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90 Human Priest
Seriously, mind sear needs some looking into.
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85 Orc Warrior
the dmg isnt the real issue, its the high mana cost and slow hit time
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