<Playing with ourselves> is a fresh new guild consisting of a tight knit group of very close friends. The Purpose of the guild is simple- Competitive progression while avoiding all the hassles and guild drama that prevent it; to play the game for the enjoyment of the game, and more importantly, each others company. We will have scheduled raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 server (pacific) time. We are a small guild on a small server so plan on making multiple new best friends quickly.

At the moment we have room for two dps and a tank for our core raiding group

Currently Accepting applications from:
Feral Druids**
Frost DKs
Fury Warriors
Sub Rogues
Warlocks (Affliction**)
Mages (Fire**)

however, exceptional players are always welcome to apply regardless of their class

To apply:
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