So... Shadow Orb Proc Rate...

90 Blood Elf Priest
Is pretty terrible. I don't mind ramp up time, but this can get ridiculous. For those that don't know:

SW:P ticks, and mind flay ticks each have an 18% chance to proc shadow orb. When you mind blast with a shadow orb, you gain 10%+ (more for mastery) periodic damage. This is almost a flat 10% increase to our damage since mind flay counts as a DoT now.

The problem is... I've gone 10% of an entire BOSS without proccing a shadow orb. Did Baradin's Hold yesterday. Applied SW:P -> MFx2 (6 ticks) and not a single shadow orb. That's a huge dps loss and adds a huge amount RNG for over 10% total damage.

Occasionally when I have the grace of proccing a shadow orb in the opening flays, I will still not generate a shadow orb in the time it takes for empowered shadows (15 sec duration) to fall off. At this point you either have to:

Hit mind blast to refresh replenishment and curse to yourself when an orb procs while mind
blast is on C/D

Let replenishment fall off, and wait for an orb for your selfish dps gains.


Have shadow orbs have a much higher proc chance when you have zero.

Make the mastery DoT damage passive and have orbs (as weak as they will be) stay as the direct damage for flavor.

Random PvP notes: Shadow orbs and empowered shadows should not be dispelable.
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90 Pandaren Priest
I really dislike the new orb mechanics in general. I prefered the "Cast Mind Blast when you have three!" shadow orbs to the current "Cast Mind Blast every 15 seconds if you have an orb or your DoTs will suck!" shadow orbs. I don't even know why they go up to three anymore, most of the time you'll be casting Mind Blast with one or two orbs just to get/keep the Empowered Shadow buff up. Plus, we already have ramp up time from Evangelism, so why do we need another?
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