Big changes to healing

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So, we were all expecting a revamp of healing.

After the lack of action wotlk, spam healing, never running out of mana in ICC, Invincible paladin's in PVP, blizzard's changes have come hard.

Firstly, I find myself only able to heal heroic's with a group that's clued up, always CCing when possible and the dps who never take damage.

As a pally healers, we definately can't heal more than 2 players at once, the fact that flash of light is 6k and barely covers mob damage or barely able to top up a health pool because of the upwards of 130k HP+ is a problem.

Holy Light is the new spell to use, but its weak and slightly too slow to cover serious heroic boss damage, ofcourse the counter-arguement is that we are still in quest-gear, well maybe not for those doing heroics already and have farmed dungeons and got exalted to the new factions.

We will end up needing to be over-geared for minor content, if this is the case then we will also have a problem with endgame raiding, no doubt in my mind that blizzard will have to nerf raids in the future, therefore re-reoccuring in a nerf just like ICC in wrath.

There will also be very long queue's for dps and tanks, firstly because there are always a shortage of healers.

Secondly, as already pointed out, people will re-roll another toons.
Now past the trolling (that bad players reroll). The fact is that playing a healer currently has a disadvantage.
1) It takes an experienced player of many years to heal decently
2) DPS/CC that have no idea what CC means thanks to Wotlk will pretty much end up wiping on the first few groups of dungeons and heroics.
3) Healers will get some flaming from bad-players, those who are in the known, i.e read blue posts and actually have rotations will be sypathetic.
4) A long hard dungeon/heroic, i.e grim batol is just not fun with a slow group/group with no CC, healing won't be a fun and some other healing friends need to take breaks inbetween because its so frustrating.

Thirdly, these changes seem to be based on the fact that people have lots of time to play.
These changes essentially stamp out the casual player from healing, heroics arent even being over-abused as they used to, casual players will have less experience then those who are experience and still have hour(s) long heroics. Raiding guild healers probably won't have problems, but you know alot of them will re-roll because they play more than one class, I know because this is happening across my server. Healers are re-rolling/not bothering to level up healing classes because of such a bad experience.

The rewards of healing simply dont match the challenge, time and focus invested.
my personal suggestions would be to either buff the mastery rating's for paladin healers.
This would offset some of the damage from bosses which cant be healed from holy light and in situations where flash of light cant be used because it costs so much mana.

Another suggestion would be to half the amount healing spells cost, simply having to drink up after every grou pull and even some single pulls and rediculous.

new PVP comes out on the 14th, at the moment healing is ruined in PVP, theres no point queueing up as a healer. You'll have maybe 6 or 7 good heals, go OOM then get stun-ganked.
It seems like a nerf that rogues got at the end of vanilla wow.

Some considerations from blizzard would be nice, you've definately made healing a challenge, but maybe over-done it, there is no more spam healing, but there's a problem with healing shortage even being over-geared in dungeons, enchanted, gemmed and spec'd right.

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