6 Human Mage
So in the healing world, it looks like many people are complaining about the current state of healing, and there is a minority of players telling these people L2P or GTFO.

I can't really tell if it's baddies who don't know how to heal, and adjust.... but even if that is so, I the only argument against them is that if they want it easy, wait a few months before they're allowed to start having fun.

My idea of a fun time stems from anything that entertains me, releases endocrines, or rewards me for a good job, without having to pop a blood vessel in my eye.

So is this just a case of people needing to L2P just so they can have fun, where elitists are having a great time being challenged in something they're good at, but is do-able by any common player?


Is the world of healing in serious trouble because the fun could have been given in different, more creative, less blood vessel popping ways?

Example: more reaction healing, or giving the task of knowing when to use what spell for what job. If we were to scale healing higher than it is, it would open up more ideas to unique fights such as this:

Delve deeper into this thought, and you could have a boss fight where, if you heal one person in your group, everyone else recieves 1% less healing for every 5000 healing done. This debuff could stack up to 30%, and is reduced on the target by 1 % for every 5000 healing done to them. The boss does not hit particularly hard on the tank, and does a bit of AOE damage to the group every second. Having fire on the ground is a given. This fight does not have to be stressful, but with some management and skill, it might turn out to be a very fun boss fight.
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85 Goblin Priest
As you get geared up, Healing becomes much more fun.

my ilvl is 342 at the moment and it's pretty damn enjoyable. Disc, however, struggles with AoE damage when Prayer of Healing cannot be used.

OOC mana regain could probably use a bump up for all classes.

Divine Hymn needs a buff.

Then I think we're good.
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