12/12/2010 11:26 AMPosted by Twîstedkìtty
12/11/2010 2:58 PMPosted by Tortellini
So I'm curious. As a holy priest it doesn't seem as though any of my healing spells have scaled up at all since ICC. In other words, I'm healing for the same amount of healing as I was back in my level 80 gear. It seems like the only thing that has scaled up since level 80 healing is the mana costs, which I have very little issue with. 7k heals and 14k flash heals were awesome when people had 30k health, yet not very awesome when people have 100k health. It just doesn't seem right that there has been no scaling.

TL;DR: So putting any mana issues aside, Other healing classes: have your heals gotten more powerful? Or are you healing for the same amounts as you were at 80? Is this intended?

They scaled up the mana cost but left heals at level 80 power. Doesn't make much sense in my opinion.

But lowered the damage spikes, increased the health pools and incorporated controllable damage mechanics.

Working as intended.