H Vortex Pinnacle Skyfall Stars - Need Help

100 Draenei Shaman
I'm not generally a QQer and I really enjoy that healing takes some actual skill now from *everyone*, not just the healers. I'm learning and struggling like everyone else.

However, these Skyfall Stars seem impossible. I did fine on regular mode but I went in with a guild group to heroic and could *not* keep many up. We had good dps, I'm a good healer... what the hell? They seem a tad overtuned. Then again, maybe I'm missing something.

I tried dropping healing rain in the center and having everyone stand in it. Pushback makes it impossible to use chain heal, so I was using healing surge and healing the person closest to death. I still lost at least 2-3 people on each pack.

Has anyone been able to heal through these on heroic mode without losing anyone? If so, can you provide any tips? (Especially, if you're a resto shaman)
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85 Night Elf Priest
I was able to heal though one of the pulls, but i had to get in my AOE healing charka, Drop down my AOE, and then just spam POH.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Oof, I had a tough time with them on normal, so I'm dreading heroic.

The two star packs were the only time I had to pop every cooldown. Not at all the case with the bosses.
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85 Orc Shaman
Since you're a shaman, here's specific shaman star strategy:

1. ask everyone to stick together while running in, this will come into play on step 3
2. before pull, announce "ready? start running in 3.. 2.. 1..". when you get to "2", start casting healing rain between your standing location and the stars, so that your party will run through it on the way to them while taking the initial massive damage.
3. while running in, drop tranquil totem for pushback and pop spiritwalker's grace and chain heal the group. you did ask them to stick together while running in, right?
4. when your party reaches the stars, pop nature's swiftness + healing rain on the spot you'll be fighting on
5. spam CH like mad
6. end fight with everyone at 75% life and you at 50% mana (in heroic, probably like 100% life in normal lols)
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85 Tauren Paladin
Something that really really helps too is a kill order. The Star Shards blow up pretty darn fast if they are focused down. And even one less helps too. Also if people have stuns, use them.
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Its really not that much of a problem if your dps does a lot of dmg. it may not be your fault. I kill the packs with just a wild growth and maybe 2 rejv's(which does less then healing rain i think). Primacy seems to know the pacl pretty well, try that strat :)
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90 Dwarf Shaman
Also you can pre-hot with a couple riptides as your tank marks a couple burn targets, you can CH through those riptides as well. Tell your dps to utilize their survival CDs as they are not needed right after either of the groups, and if you have a shadow priest or a druid they can help with a Hymn or Tranq. But it really is about how fast you dps can destroy those things. It was a cake walk when our feral tank went cat for the second set and cat swiped with berserk to add a ton of damage for the group.

Also, they don't respawn and I am not even sure if they regen health, so if you wipe to them they will be easier the second time. Overall it is just a drain on your mana and really not that interesting of a mechanic.
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